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makeO skinnsi Permanent Laser Hair Reduction Review

makeO skinnsi Permanent Laser Hair Reduction Review

I was just walking back from the parlor in my vicinity and thinking to myself how done I was with waxing. It was so painful, and I had to keep coming back every few weeks. I had to even schedule all my outings and outfits according to whether I had waxed or not. Whether it be a sleeveless top or a short dress, I had to ensure my waxing schedule coincided with the outfit I wanted to wear. If I shaved at home during an emergency night out, the next waxing session would be even more painful. I was in dire need of a permanent solution.

As I was complaining to my friend about this, she told me about makeO skinnsi. I was spellbound when I heard about their laser hair reduction. I had heard of laser hair removal but always thought it was not permanent, inconvenient, and so costly. But when my friend told me about makeO skinnsi permanent laser hair reduction, it was too good to be true. She said that I would just need to go on their app or website and schedule an appointment and they would call me back for a consult. She further went on to tell me about how they provide their services at-home and are in close contact with the dermatologist, so a dermatologist can keep track of your sessions and progress. She told me it was painless and affordable. It was really hard to believe that how a solution I was looking for since so long was right here and with so many extra benefits. So, I decided to try it out for myself. Let me tell you, after trying it, you can believe it too!

It was so easy, so convenient and so affordable to be able to permanently reduce my body hair with makeO skinnsi. As I booked the appointment, I was able to get a slot very conveniently and in no time. Since I lived in a city where makeO skinnsi could provide at home services, they did the treatment at the comfort of my home which was so convenient. I could still work from home on the day of my appointment instead of going to another clinic to get laser hair removal and being stuck on a weekend running this errand. The makeO skinnsi therapist that came to my home was very professional, sanitary and was constantly in touch with the dermatologist who was guiding her about the frequency and any other I had. They also asked for an OTP so I could confirm and so could they that it was a secure appointment. It was quick and pain free. The makeO skinnsi therapist explained that the laser hair reduction is done by quadruple wavelength technology that ensures even the finest of hairs are reduced and it works on all skin types. They even bring a robe for you to get changed in. All this was really a dream come true even more so because it was so affordable. I got an amazing deal for a full body package and every time I recommended a friend, I got even more discount. Since I didn’t want to pay the entire amount, they even offered me an EMI at no cost.

After about 6 sessions, I could significantly see a difference in my body hair especially in my underarms and bikini area. About 90% of my hair was gone, and very few hairs were left, and they would also grow very slowly and were very thin. I was just so glad to have an at home permanent solution to reduce body hair. Now I could wear any clothes I want without thinking about anything else except my own comfort!

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