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Hair Care Tips to Keep Your Curly Locks Healthy

Smart Hair Care Tips

Having curly hair can be fun. It has an effortless bounce that is almost impossible for people with straight hair to replicate. But if you are one of those who are blessed with naturally curly tresses, you already know that keeping your locks healthy and manageable requires a lot of work. 

You need to keep your hair moist to protect each strand and avoid possible breakage. Yet the usual lather-rinse-repeat routine will not work for people with curly hair. Fortunately, there are a lot of natural hair care treatments that can keep the wild curls in place. Here are smart curly hair care tips for all types of natural curls. 

Begin With a Pre-Shampoo Routine

One of the best-kept secrets of most people with curly hair is performing a pre-shampoo treatment to care for their delicate tresses. If you have yet to hear what this is all about, pre-shampooing can soften and detangle strands before shampoo applications.  While applying your favorite conditioner to your dry hair seemed to be unorthodox, it can be a beneficial step if you really want to moisturize your curls. 

There is a valid explanation for a pre-shampoo procedure. If your hair strands are already soaked with water, it will no longer absorb as much conditioner as it should. So before you decide to wash your hair, you need to apply adequate amounts of deep conditional all over your curly mane. 

Then twist it and tie it in a bun before putting on a shower cap to secure it in place. Wait for at least 20 minutes before you hop into the shower. Wash your body, and do all your shower routine as usual. 

The steam from the hot bath will allow the conditioner to penetrate better into each hair strand. Finally, finish it off by washing your hair using your favorite shampoo. 

Mind Your Shampoo

Your curly hair does not need as much shampoo as a natural straight hair. Frequent shampooing can stretch out and put too much stress on your fragile locks. 

Too much shampoo can also cause severe dryness to your hair. This is why you need to keep your shampoo sessions at least once a week as part of your natural hair care routine.

During days when you have to wash your hair with shampoo, choose the mildest brand available. This will help refresh and clean your hair without washing off its natural oils and moistures. You may also want to dilute your favorite shampoo with distilled water to make sure it does not harm your hair. 

The Aftercare

Aside from these tips, always remember to limit exposure routines that require heat. Blow dryers and flat irons leave your hair dry and cause damage. If you are used to these thermal tools, you are risking your curls to possible breakage. 

Try to lessen heat exposure by letting it dry out naturally. You can also style your locks without added heat by twisting it with your fingers or using foam rollers. Divide your hair into sections to achieve the style that you want. 

Adding oils and creams made from natural ingredients will also help tame down the fizz and give it a natural glow. With the help of these tricks, you will be assured that your curly tops will look healthier and more vibrant all the time.  

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