How to Wear a Bralette for an Everyday Cool Look

More women have been wearing bralettes especially now that it’s summer. If you have little information about what they are, bralettes are a particular type of bra without molded cups or feature wires. This means they don’t offer much support especially for women with large breasts. However, they’re incredibly stylish and comfortable to wear as most of them are made from lace.

You have probably come across them in the street, on your favorite Instagram influencer’s feed, or you’ve seen them hanging on the displays of several stores. 

Bralettes may come off as too revealing at first glance prompting a lot of people to ask, ‘how do you even wear that out in public?’. Well, if you’re feeling a bit confused, here’s the ultimate guide on how you too can wear a bralette confidently.  

Wear it Under a Sheer Top

Rather than wearing your sheer top with camisoles or plain bras, you should consider wearing a bralette. Your see-through shirt and bralette will complement each other and are a great combination especially if you throw in a bit of creativity by experimenting with a bit of color or even patterns.  

Wear it Under a White Button Down

If you’re not comfortable with wearing a bralette under your see-through shirt, you should consider a plain white shirt. A colored bralette combined with a white shirt can be a very tasteful look that will do well in showcasing your bralette because of the contrast in colors. This look goes well with either mom or skinny jeans especially if your shirt is just a tad loose. 

Bralette Under a Knitted Jumper

If you find a shirt a bit too formal, then a knitted jumper should provide a great alternative. A knitted jumper that’s light and has a deep V-neckline will subtly show off your bralette. Finish this look with casual garments such as a relaxed skirt or denim. 

Layer it Under A Loose Tank

Wearing your bralette under a loose tank top or camisole will give you a really smart casual look. If the top is made from thick fabric, then the bralette may not be easily visible. 

To make sure your bralette is conspicuous, you could wear it under a tank top with a low neckline. Just don’t overdo it to make your bralette stand out more than your tank top. Tops with oversized armholes are also great, but go with a bralette that fits you just right so you don’t have to show any sideboob. 

Wear it Under a Blazer

Wearing a bralette under a blazer is a fantastic idea that will make you look bold. Seeing as you won’t need to wear a top, you should wear a lace bralette that provides a bit more coverage than others. It’s quite a daring outfit and is best reserved for late evening events.  

Show Up and Show Out

Bralettes are the next big thing in ladies’ fashion. They are super stylish and can be a great item if you get the right bralette for your body. Don’t make the assumption that just because your style of fashion leans toward smart and official that you can’t wear a bralette. All you need to do to pull it off is wear it with the right garments. 

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