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9 Ways to Do a Non-Awkward Striptease!

If strip clubs have taught us anything, it’s that everyone can enjoy a sexy striptease performance. No matter your gender or sexuality, watching someone slowly tease the audience as layer upon layer comes off is irresistible and sexy. Striptease isn’t only the perfect way to seduce your partner, but it’s also super empowering for you that will make you feel incredibly sexy. With a striptease, creating physical distance between you and your partner can be hot.

Well, trying something new in the bedroom can be scary, but if you want to improve your sex life or want to give your man a sexy striptease, then try it. Your husband would love to see your striptease dance.

If you think that you are not a dancer and you can’t make perfect moves, then let us clear you one that thinks you don’t have to be a dancer to do it. Choose a seductive outfit, or you can also wear sexy exotic stripper outfits, set the mood, and then get those hips and hands moving.

Stripper Outfit

Tip To Perform a Striptease:

Dressing up:


1. Underneath Garments:

Now, say “NO” to cotton sports bras or granny panties. Go through an exotic clothing store and buy something a little sexier. It includes a set of lingerie, a lace bra, or a sheer bodysuit. If you want to flaunt your breast, pick a push-up bra with extra padding. It will help you to show your cleavage. Plus, go with black or bright red shades because it gives sexy vibes.

2. Dress in clothes-Avoid Lots Of Layers:

If you want to perform a non-awkward striptease, then your outwear plays an important role. But, make sure to wear something that you feel comfortable with and remove it quickly. You can’t go wrong with an open-up shirt and pencil skirt. Or you can use opera-length gloves, a garter belt, and props like fans or feather boas to conceal and reveal.

3. Pair of sky-high heels:

Want to add an extra sexy cleavage? Wearing sky-high stilettos is good. It makes your hips sway more when you walk and slim your legs. You can match your heels with your lingerie.

4. Makeup:

The perfect bedroom makeup is a dark, Smokey eye or a bold, red lip. It is a perfect way to seduce your partner. But make sure don’t overdo it.

Create a Sexy set:

Once you are ready, now it’s time to set a scene. For this, either you can choose your bedroom or any other place in your home like a private space- any garage. A garage? Yes, if you want to try something kinky, you can’t go wrong (But make sure the area has enough space). You can décor the space with dim lights, cushions, candles (for a soft glow). For a romantic mood, low lighting is also much more flattering.

Also, set up chairs and other props you might need. Chairs will help you to dance around your partner smoothly. To try something sexier, then you can gather things like a silk scarf, rope, handcuffs.

5. Pick the Right Music:

One of the essential elements of striptease is the accompanying music, without which this sensual ritual cannot reach its true potential. Pick the right music (slow, soft, & sexy) that is necessary to heat your show’s atmosphere.

Pro-Tip Avoid anything too fast-paced or upbeat that could ruin the mood. The song should be soft and three to ten minutes long.

All set! Now, it’s time to put on a show.

6. Tie –Down Your Man:

Don’t rush it. Ask your man to sit on a chair and softly handcuff him, so he won’t touch you while you dance. Take your time and striptease slowly. Give your partner full time to enjoy the moment.

stripper dress

7. Maintain Eye Contact and Attractive Facial Expression:

Most important step! Eyes can be a tool for both connection and teasing. Looking into your partner’s eyes and maintaining sexier facial expressions. After all, you know what you’re doing to them, and you secretly love it! During striptease, these things make it much more intimate. During striptease, these things make it much more intimate.

8. Have Fun!

Don’t be awkward! It’s just you and your partner so have fun. It’s okay if you both giggle and laugh and squirm. Don’t be too serious. But, if you want to enjoy a special night with your partner, then try the tips mentioned above. Otherwise, you can feel like you’re playing with your partner rather than performing for them.

Stripper Cloth

9. Practice:

A perfect striptease on your first try is impossible, especially if you’re a beginner. So, keep practicing. Regular practice will help you feel comfortable and have all of your moves down.

Come on, girl, you got this! If you’re confused about where to shop for stripper clothes, then don’t worry! Yes, there are many online stores to shop for. For more new and exciting things, stay tuned with us!

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