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Your Strategy Guide to Advertise Clothes Store Online

Advertise Clothes Store Online

If you have a dream of developing an online clothing store, do not expect your journey to be easy. Entering into the industry right now is smart because more people than ever are spending their time on the internet. Covid-19 has affected our lives, and that includes shopping habits.

Purchasing clothes online is a bit tricky because you cannot try them, even if there are size guides. Regardless, that does not seem to be a reason why people would stop shopping for clothes online. The industry is growing.

At the same time, this growth means that you have to think about dealing with the competition. Newcomers will have to invest extra much in advertising. A solid marketing strategy will be one of the cornerstones of your business. If you want to run a successful clothes store on the internet, consider following these digital marketing tips.

Tip #1 – Give Clothes for Free

One of the best ways to make a name for yourself and attract your first customers is to give stuff away for free. Thankfully, there are custom t-shirts printing services that you can use to create your brand’s merchandise. And also you can create your brand’s merchandise with custom screen printing services. Of course, it does not have to be just t-shirts. Digital printing technology is used on hoodies and face masks. The latter is in high demand these days because of the pandemic.

You can go on social media and create giveaways to reach many people. Giving free merchandise on the streets is not that effective given how there are no opportunities for mass gatherings due to all the Corona-related restrictions.

Tip #2 – Cooperate With Influencers

Influencer marketing plays a prominent role. Consumers are more likely to trust individual influencers they follow. And when it comes to industries like beauty, fitness, health, and fashion, there are plenty of influencers to choose from.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the first that comes to mind when talking about influencer marketing. Social media sites are visually-driven, and an attractive person wearing your clothes is bound to draw attention, especially if they have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Get in touch with influencers who have the right audience. Propose a deal and see whether they would like to cooperate. Sometimes, you will only need to send them clothes for sponsored posts. Other times, you will also have to pay money.

A lot depends on the budget, so if you do not have the necessary funds to hire S-tier celebrities, look for micro-influencers. The most important thing is to find a strategy that helps you come out on top by making more in sales than you paid the influencer.

Tip #3 – Invest in SEO

Search engine optimization should be one of the methods your marketing strategy revolves around. You can take care of the basic things yourself, like internal linking, image optimization, and keyword research.

However, when it comes to complicated SEO elements, you are better off hiring a professional and leaving the campaign in their hands.

Investing in search engine optimization will help you attract organic traffic from Google. And this traffic is more valuable than random people coming from social media, for example. Organic website visitors end up on a landing page after they enter a keyword in a search engine. If you optimize and rank for keywords with buying intent, you will bring a lot of customers to your store.

Tip #4 – Write a Blog

Starting a blog is beneficial for multiple reasons. You will have more content to share on social media. Well-written articles will also help with SEO. Providing website visitors with in-depth content also raises brand awareness and establishes you as one of the industry’s authorities. Finally, you can publish sponsored content by inviting guest bloggers.

Tip #5 – Join Podcasts

Podcasts are a great platform to advertise your business. Given that clothes and fashion are popular topics, there should be some podcasts that discuss the events in these two industries. And if you have an opportunity to appear on a podcast as a guest and promote your brand, then not taking this chance would be a waste on your part.

Tip #6 – Pick Social Media Platforms

Do not stick to just all the biggest social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. There are new and emerging websites, such as Vero,, and Steemit. You can be one of the first clothing brands to establish yourself on these platforms and gain a big chunk of the audience that is interested in clothes and fashion.

Tip #7 – Research the Competition

Research the Competition

Keep tabs on your competitors and see how they are attracting new customers. You do not have to copy them step-by-step, but if there is a technique or two to learn, do not hesitate to implement that technique into your marketing strategy.

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