7 Necklace Layering Tips for Keeping Your Style

A necklace draws attention to a woman’s face, neck, and chest while adding a dash of style to any outfit. Layering necklaces is a dramatic way to show you are fashionable and enjoy looking glamorous. Discover seven unique ways to layer necklaces and feel more beautiful no matter what you wear and where you go.

Start With Quality Jewelry

Often people think layering means buying cheaper pieces because people might not notice. Quality jewelry is essential for successful layering to avoid looking gaudy and low-cost. Start when going to by choosing several attractive pieces and lengths, colors, and designs that complement each other. Consider the metals you like best, what type of pendants reflect your style, and your budget to find necklaces that will become an integral part of the wardrobe.

Thick and Thin

One of the most popular ways to layer necklaces is coupling a thick choker with a thin chain for a notable contrast that shows off the shape of a woman’s neck. Start by choosing a wide choker necklace in gold, silver, rose gold, or a black or white cord. Then add a thin chain that is a few inches longer than the choker for a look that is sure to get attention and bring a dash of beauty to any outfit. It all starts with a classic choker necklace then add your favorite thinner chains for a look that pairs well with an evening dress and heels for fabulous occasions.

Tiered Chains

Another way to wear layered necklaces is to drape tiered chains in various lengths over your neck. Start with a choker length, then add two to four inches on each chain, going down to a chain as long as your waist. The tiered look is ideal for wearing with v-neck shirts or a cardigan that reveals a plain neckline. Layered necklaces are also a favorite to wear out to clubs and parties for plenty of sparkles that catch the lights. Consider choosing necklaces with gemstones in a rainbow of colors to wear with a little black dress. Colored stones are a fantastic way to add a splash of color to dark outfits.

Celebrate the Contrast

Instead of donning necklaces in matching metals, be daring and celebrate contrast by combining silver, gold, and rose gold. Some accessories and chains are interwoven with multiple metals, which adds another layer of colorful contrast for visual appeal. Another option is to alternate different metals, such as silver and gold, and wear several necklaces to show off the different textures and tones. Mixed metals are one of the most delightful ways to create a layered necklace look with color, texture, and tone. Wear them over a plain shirt or sweater that makes it easy to note the varying metallic tones.

Tantalize with Texture

Go beyond basic by choosing various types of chain link necklaces in different thicknesses and textures. Mixing them up is a way to draw attention to a v-neck shirt and make a bare neck and chest look fantastic. The mixing of textured jewelry is also a hot look in the summer when necklines tend to be lower, and everyone wants to show off tanned skin in swimsuits, tank tops, and t-shirts. Texture also brings to mind a sense of touch, creating a look that is both attractive and touchable for those moments when you want to get close to that special someone.

Draping Delicate Pendants

Pendant necklaces are available in an array of designs to show off what people like and showcase a variety of gemstones. Wearing several pendant necklaces with delicate chains over a thick sweater is a fashionable look for the winter. Choose pendants that reflect your unusual sense of style and preferences to make your jewelry a personal statement as well as a fashion statement. Pendants can be of favorite animals, flowers, sports teams, people, and things. When people see the necklaces, they also learn something about you.

Wear Them Backwards

When you slip into a backless dress, it’s time to bring on the drama by wearing layered necklaces backward. Turn several chain and pendant necklaces around, so they hang over your back rather than your neck and chest. As you spin around on the dance floor, people will see all the necklaces going down your back rather than hanging over the front of the dress. Often women forget necklaces can be turned around and worn backward for an exciting change of pace. It is a sure way to get noticed and admired at the next party or night out on the town, especially when you turn around.

Celebrate Vintage

Lariat necklaces, velvet chokers, and heavy pendant necklaces all have a retro feel that brings people back to days gone by. Celebrate those vintage moments by putting together a few retro pieces and wear them at the same time. Consider exploring the closet for lace shirts, shawls, and other retro pieces that would complement the necklaces. Plus, this means your vintage pieces can be put to use rather than tossed and tangled in a drawer. Bringing them out inspires memories and can even create a new trend from something old.

Take Care of Necklaces

Finally, layering necklaces can mean facing tangled chains and damages. Put on the necklaces individually to avoid tangling, and take them off one at a time, so they do not get caught up together. When they start to look dull, clean them carefully with soap and water or the proper type of jewelry cleaner. Hang them on hooks individually to avoid tangling during storage, so you can quickly access favorite necklaces for the next layered look.

Layering necklaces is a timeless look that showcases the v-neck or bareback of any shirt, dress, or sweater. Choosing different lengths, textures, and colors creates visual appeal and makes any outfit look more appealing. Be daring and experiment with unique looks to create one or more that complement your favorite outfits and make people turn in admiration the next time you go out.

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