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How To Pick The Right Clip-In Hair Extensions

How To Pick The Right Clip-In Hair Extensions

How To Pick The Right Clip-In Hair Extensions

One of the biggest beauty secrets most Hollywood celebrities keep to make their hair look gorgeous is by using hair extensions. Most of them ask their favorite stylists to attach the extensions professionally to keep it secured at all times. But you do not need to book an appointment with your go-to salon to imitate your celebrity idols. You can opt to have real hair extensions clip in the tips of your hair using clip-in extensions. 

Why Consider Clip-in Hair Extensions 

When you have real hair extensions clip in your natural curls, you will have an instant volume boost or extend the length of your hair for a few inches. But taped and glue-in hair extensions are expensive and require you to commit to its proper maintenance. 

If you have are still half-hearted about having long-term hair extensions, you can choose to buy clip-in extensions. This option will allow you to put it in and take it out any time you want to. You will also have more opportunities to change your look or experiment with different hairstyles. Since you do not need to wear them all day, it will not put a strain on your scalp and hair.  

How To Choose The Right Hair Extensions

There are quite a few types of hair extensions available today. You can choose between real hair or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is a cheaper option. However, this one is harder to blend with your hair. If you want to look more natural, choose real hair extensions.

You also have a lot of hair color choices for your hair extensions. As much as possible, you need to get the one that matches the shade of your real hair. You can try color matching to help you find the right shade or have your natural hair dyed to copy your chosen hair extensions. If you want a unique look, you may also dye your extensions. 

Also, it would be best if you consider the length that you want to achieve before getting hair extensions. For a more natural look, you must limit your extensions not longer than two inches from your natural hair.   

How To Put Clip-In Hair Extensions 

Contrary to common beliefs, putting on hair extensions does not need any complications. You only need to follow several simple tricks to have it in place properly. First, you need to prepare all the tools required for putting the extensions on. These tools include sectioning clips and a tail comb. 

Once you are ready, you need to put the extensions bit by bit by parting and sectioning your hair according to the size of the artificial hair. It would help if you also tie tiny sections of your locks into small hair elastics below the area where you will attach the clips. Then blend them in by styling them naturally. You can curl, straighten, or choose any look to match your style. 

Having clip-in hair extensions can be the most comfortable and most convenient way of upgrading your look. It does not need too many preparations and maintenance to keep it in place. By choosing the right clip-in extensions, you will end up looking like a Hollywood star who is ready to grace the photographers at the red carpet any time you want. 


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