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How to choose perfect wedding saree

How to choose perfect wedding saree

The wedding ceremony is one of the most awaited ceremonies for both the bride and the groom. Especially for the bride it is a ceremony where she has to look the best and wear the best of clothes. For instance there are different farmhouses wedding venues in Delhi NCR. So you can dress in the farmhouse for different events. In India sarees form a crucial element for the bride and other member of the family preparing for the wedding. There are certain tips one needs to keep in mind to choose the perfect wedding saree:Pre- planning is must-

Buying sarees for wedding involve a lot of conditions. Therefore one must buy a sari way before the “D day” to avoid difficulty. Also matching blouse and petticoat along with other accessories need to be bought. Therefore deciding on the sari is a must. Research well to get along with the fashion trends and make the final call. Especially for the bride choose the sari which she is going to wear at the marriage ceremony is a big task. Therefore it should not be delayed.

Fix a budget-

Research well in the market and update yourself about good quality along with reasonable price. One of the crucial factors is the budget. The designs which you are choosing should fit into your budget. Keep in mind that there are a lot of ceremonies which you are going to be a part of, therefore divide accordingly.

Wear sari suited for the particular ceremony-

You cannot wear a heavily embellished sari on the day ceremony like the haldi or mehendi. It will look odd and people will gossip. You do not want to the centre for gossip. Therefore choose sari and buy them keeping in mind which sari is for which part of the ceremony. Also the time of the day should be kept in mind.

Choose sari matching your accessories-

Unless you want to spend a lot, make sure you choose keeping in mind what are the accessories you already possess. Accessories like gold and kundan jewellery play a crucial role in the wedding. Also the ladies at the wedding also keep an eye on who is wearing hat. So you definitely do not want to go wrong with your accessories. Therefore always buy your sari matching your accessories.

Keeping the fabric in mind-

Make sure you keep the fabric of the sari in mind. All girls want to look slim, so do you. also wear fabric that is light and which you can carry throughout the event. There will be alot of people at the wedding and tasks to do so you want to feel comfortable throughout the event.


Make sure you choose the right colour for your wedding sari. Do not go with overly bold colours during the day. Avoid being the centre of attention if you are not the bride. Colours like red, fuchsia pink are generally meant for the bride. If you are a young girl wear pastel colours. it will reflect your youth and beauty. The sari should also match your complexion.

These are few tips to buy a wedding sari which one should definitely keep in mind.



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