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How Different Smells Make Us Feel

Have you ever woken up in the morning, and you cannot imagine wearing your favorite fragrance? Well, this happens because different scents affect the way we feel and, in a way, how your day will be. It may seem like science fiction, but the truth is that the ingredients used in making any perfume will bring out a different mood in you.

For perfume enthusiasts, this is the reason why you have different perfumes. It is not only about the occasion but generally how you will feel wearing a particular scent. Your sense of smell is closely related to a part of your brain called the hippocampus. It is the part that processes emotions, feelings, as well as memories. This is why you may associate certain smells with particular events.

As emotions, feelings, and smell are all intertwined, it makes sense that a particular scent will affect you either positively or negatively. Read on to find out what scents have, how they affect your emotions, and how you can use them to control your mood.

How Do Smells Affect Your Mood And Emotion?

Research shows that people not only respond to the smells around them, but they are often linked to memories or situations. The reason why a particular scent may have any effect on you is that it has a memory link; hence if it is good, it is likely to make you feel better.

It is a general thought that sweet or lovely smelling perfumes will automatically uplift your mood and make you feel good. However, some studies have shown that that is not always the case, especially since smells and emotions are linked. With that, your expectation of scents has a lot to do with how you will feel after smelling it. 

Your perception of the effect that a scent will have is one of the reasons why the placebo tests began. Placebos are odorless sprays, candles, or anything that may have a smell. The research was conducted by testing participants to see how their perception would affect what they smell. Those that would perceive a sweet fragrance would feel happier. 

Because of the effects that scents have on people, they have been used to influence their decisions, and it’s one of the reasons why you are allowed to smell the perfume before buying it. It is likely that after smelling the pleasant fragrance, you would forget all about the huge price tag and buy it. This is because it makes you feel functional or even classy, which people generally crave.

What Scents Are Used in Perfumes and How Do They Make You Feel?

The smells that creators use in making your favorite perfumes are carefully chosen so it is never by chance. They understand the effect that particular scents have, and that is why there are some main ingredients commonly used. The following are a few common ones and the impact you can expect from them.


It is one of the most commonly used scents that are used for making citrus-based fragrances. Due to its sweet citrusy smell, it has a way of instantly uplifting your mood making you feel more energized. It is a heavenly smell to have when you are feeling under or overwhelmed. So whether you are angry, feeling low, or even sad, perfumes made from bergamot will give you a boost. Another plus is that it smells beautiful like a mix of summer and spring so it will get you compliments.


Very few people don’t like the smell of freshly made pastry and a coffee shop since it feels homely, fuzzy, and warm. Vanilla is one of the best feel-good scents when done right, but it may make you homesick, so be careful with it. It is one of the warmest smells that makes one feel like melting into all that coziness, so whenever you feel lonely, sad, or mood less, this is an excellent solution. You can use it in a fragrance or even candles, which are a great way of not only warming up your space but enhances that homely feeling.


It is divine, calming, and has sedating effects, so it is the perfect smell when you are having anxiety or even a panic attack. It instantly makes you feel at peace; hence, it is easier to allow your troubles to melt away and cause your mind to relax. If you are feeling mentally exhausted, a few sniffs of a fragrance primarily made using jasmine will help alleviate that. It is also a great scent to use during or near bedtime as it allows you to settle down and fall asleep quickly.


This is a spicy scent that tends to elicit relaxing feelings due to its sweet yet smoky smell. It is dark and often described as a bit cloudy, so this is not what you need when you are having a low day. Sandalwood invokes a sense of sensuality and mystery, so it is the perfect smell for a night out with a romantic partner or for a chilled Sunday. 


You may not know this, but other than its significant health effects, hibiscus is one of the best flowers to be used in making various fragrances. It gives a crisp yet strongly flowery note, so it is likely to make you feel bubbly and more confident. It is excellent when you need to refresh yourself. Hibiscus is soft and feminine without being too over the top. It is, therefore, great for use at the office or for an interview where you need all your wits. 

Now that you know how different smells affect how you feel, then you should pay more attention to the types of perfumes that you buy. You may like warm and dark scents, but on days you are feeling low, you need a boost to get you started. Get a variety for different days as sometimes all you need is the right fragrance to help you conquer the world.


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