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2020 is the mega season of head-turning fashion trends that will stay for a long time. Yes, it is officially that time of the year where everyone is going to drool over your clothes. A good dressing sense combined with sophistication is all you need to look like a diva. Be it a formal dinner, cocktail party, or girl’s night out, it is good to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

The 2020’s fashion trends are going to be your new best friends, so stay loyal to them as long as possible. However, to make this possible, it is essential to take inspiration from modern fashion. It can be quite challenging for a few women, but you do not have to worry. Just bring out the real femme fatale hidden inside you and let it work its magic.

Since fashion keeps on evolving, it would be wise to transform yourself with it. This year, please expect the unexpected and experiment your creativity to the next level. That is what ‘head-turning fashion’ is about; to step out of your comfort zone and explore the world of fashion. What can be better than rejuvenating your dull life with bold colors and oozing styles?

Now, you must be curious to know what the head-turning fashion has in stock this year. So hold your horses and keep reading to find out about it.

Here is a list of some head-turning fashion trends of the year that will be perfect for leaving a long-lasting impression.

1- Wearing Maxi with Style

Spark up your summers with some beautiful maxi dresses that will calm your mood. Even in 2020, maxi dresses are not going to leave us alone as they are the go-to outfit for summers. Not only do they provide good coverage to the body, but they make you look classy as well. Every woman feels comfortable yet sassy while wearing a maxi. The exciting thing is that you can pair it up with different shoes, like square toe boots or sandals.

2- All Feels Well in Floral Prints

Good news for the floral lovers as the floral trend is back in fashion with a bang. Almost every woman owns a floral dress or fashion accessories. Women around the world love floral prints, so why not show some affection in 2020? You might be thinking, what is so head-turning about floral prints? Well, the patterns are new this time with a little twist (literally). Some of the trending floral patterns are rainbow designs, psychedelic prints, and ombre designs. You can always opt for eye-popping floral colors or go mild with some pale tones. 

3- Time for Bermuda shorts to Shine

Previously, we knew how stunning biker shorts looked on everyone, but now it is the era of Bermuda shorts. This type of bottoms is trending for a reason; they make you look edgy with a hint of sophistication. All the celebrities are head over heels for Bermuda shorts that go perfectly with baggy shirts and tank tops. Bermuda shorts are available in different materials, from leather to denim and silk. In these shorts, you will look good without even trying.

4- Welcome Back to Vests

If you have been a massive fan of vests, keep investing in them as they have made a comeback. They will be no less than our soul mates in 2020, making us cool and chic. Whether you wear a sassy dress underneath your vest or a formal shirt, you will be the town’s buzzword. You can design an entirely new outfit with the same for different occasions. In this way, you will never run out of good fashion inspiration, and your vest will have a life of its own.

5- Bralettes with Blazers

Bralettes with blazers are probably the most head-turning fashion trend of the year, where sassiness with class is guaranteed. By wearing a bralette, under your blazer, it will give you the runway model vibe, so hold onto this trend. The best thing is that anyone can look good in this flattering style, enough to stand out from the crowd. If you pair this style with high-waist bottoms, then you will surely steal the show in an instant. Also, no matter which color you go with, this bralette under a blazer combination will be worth taking a risk.


There is nothing right or wrong in the fashion industry, but what matters is your fashion sense. It is vital to adopt the latest fashion trends and play along. Start planning to shop for some clothes you are in desperate need of and consider it a fruitful investment. If 2020 calls for bralettes under blazers and floral prints, so be it! Nobody wants to feel outdated, especially when it comes to fashion. What are you waiting for then? Go shop for these latest trends before it gets too late.


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