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10 Flowy Clothing Items Every Girl Should Own

Flowy Clothing Items

Every girl needs flowy skirts and dresses with comfy styles in her closet! From billowing maxi skirts to airy blouses, flowy clothes are ideal for warmer months and can be layered with more form-fitted pieces when it gets cooler. As spring turns into summer, you’ll be thankful you’ve got these pieces on hand so you can beat the heat and look fabulous doing it.

1.A Patterned Midi Dress

Midi dresses are adorable and classy, so you can look your best all summer long with minimal effort. Bohemian style is laid back and often has an artsy aesthetic that you’ll see come through in most boho dresses. Floral patterns are great for spring and summer and, depending on the color of the dress, whether burgundy, red, or orange, you can even wear them into the fall by simply pairing them with a neutral cardigan for extra warmth.

2.A Comfy Lounge Set

Having something casual to wear around the house that still makes you feel cute is vital. There’s no reason that being comfortable at home should mean having to sit around in your pajamas all day. Instead, invest in a floaty jumpsuit or a tie dye lounge set with a matching cotton top and bottoms. You’ll feel like a fashionista, and you’ll look like one too. Remember that a stylish loungewear jumpsuit doesn’t need to be confined to the house. Pair your set with some white sneakers and gold hoop earrings to dress it up and hit the town.

3.A Beach Cover-Up 

Spending time out in the sun is all fun and games until you’re rubbing aloe vera on your sunburnt shoulders. Protecting your sensitive skin from harmful UV rays is critical to your health, which is why all women need to have a stylish and practical beach cover-up in their closet. Before and after you come out of the water, you’ll want something lightweight, unique, and breathable to throw on top of your swimsuit. Kaftans also make phenomenal beach cover-ups because they’re so light and flowy, helping them dry quickly. These Morrocan style one-piece dresses are loose and casual, and they are perfect for a day in the sun.  

4.Flowy Culottes

Embrace the loose-fitting clothing styles to improve circulation in your body, which is especially important when it’s warm outside. Ditch the jeans and denim shorts in favor of flowing bottoms this season. Wide-legged pants are comfortable in the heat, and they allow you to move easily, which is a great way to look stylish while staying active. 

5.Flared Pants 

The 70s are making a comeback and, with them, the bell bottom flared pant aesthetic. This is a fun, slouchy look for women, especially if you choose cotton pants with a ruffled flared bottom that breathe easily even in warm weather. Have some fun with the patterns and colors you select for these clothing pieces because they’ll be the statement of your outfit. Bold hues and psychedelic designs will make your pants pop. Pair them with a basic solid color top for balance. 

6.A Wrap Top 

A wrap top is a wonderful casual piece to own because you can wear it so many ways. These tops are loose and comfortable and can work with multiple outfits, depending on how you tie them. A wrap top can be worn knotted at the front for a cute crop top aesthetic, or you can wear it backward for more coverage up front and reveal more of your back because of the knot detail. 

You can pair a wrap top with a flowing skirt for a bohemian vibe, or, if you want a more casual look, simply wear it with a pair of light-wash wide-leg jeans. 

7.An Oversized Knit Sweater 

Knit sweaters are useful clothing items that can be worn in all seasons. In the winter, you can wear a layer underneath and pair it with a scarf and, in the summer, they can offer protection from the wind on a chilly evening by the lake. An oversized beige knit sweater is one of the most diverse wardrobe items you can have because you’ll be able to pair it with virtually any color or pattern. In the spring and summer, pulling a knit sweater over your floral dress or pairing it with a skirt is a great way to avoid chills and look trendy. 

8.A Maxi Skirt

There’s no easier way to look fabulous than to throw on a maxi skirt and twirl around at sunset on the beach. Purchase these African print skirts as they are modest, making them great for holidays in countries where you’ll need to cover your knees or ankles, yet flattering.
You can find maxi skirts in virtually any style, color, pattern, and material to suit your taste. Some women might prefer a solid color cotton maxi skirt to pair with a fun blouse, while others will want to let the skirt shine with a unique pattern of its own. In the latter scenario, pair your skirt with a solid color crop top that brings out one of the colors in the skirt’s pattern. 

9.A Peasant Blouse 

A peasant blouse is a feminine flowy top that you can dress up or dress down, depending on your plans for the day. You can find peasant blouses in all colors, so every girl can shop for one that matches her unique style preferences. You can dress a peasant blouse up for a night out with your girlfriends simply by pulling on a pair of nice jeans and donning some high heels. For a casual beach day, pair the blouse with cut-off shorts.

10.A Floral Sundress

The beauty of a floral sundress is that it makes dressing up to go out simple. You don’t need to worry about pairing it with anything else since it’s a beautiful statement piece all on its own. Sundresses are short and lightweight, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of summer without getting uncomfortable. Pair a light-colored sundress with a straw handbag and hat to give you a beautiful beachy vibe that radiates summer. 

Time to Assess Your Wardrobe 

Now it’s time to take a look inside your closet and figure out which of these items you have and which you need to go shopping for. Invest in pieces that mix and match easily so you can get the most out of your selection. Stocking your wardrobe with flexible flowy clothing pieces makes it easy to dress appropriately for any occasion, feel confident, and look glamorous too.


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