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Gluten-Free Diet, Skin and Acne: Everything You Need To Know About

Gluten-Free Diet, Skin and Acne: Everything You Need To Know About

“You look younger than your age.”

Isn’t that a flattering compliment everyone wishes to receive? But as the 20s say goodbye and women head towards 30s and 40s, the skin starts showing its age.

The panic mode starts when the wrinkles show up along with the acne. And then the race to find out some best anti-aging solutions gets confusing.

Wait. Slow down a little bit. There are plenty of anti-aging solutions that you can get on.

The trendy one is a gluten-free diet.

Gluten-Free Diet, Skin and Acne: Everything You Need To Know About

What you eat = how your skin looks.

If you happen to be in the late 30s or 40s, the best anti-aging solution you could come across is the right diet.

A gluten-free diet can do wonders for your skin. Relax on a comfortable chair to read everything about it.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a type of protein, sticky, found in grains such as wheat, rye, barley.

When you add water to wheat flour to make a dough, it’s the gluten that helps mix water and the flour.

Bread, cakes, pies, cereals are some common foods that contain gluten.

So, is gluten harmful to your skin? Let’s find out.

Risks from Gluten-enriched Food

Some people are allergic to gluten, especially those having celiac disease.

Celiac disease is a severe form of gluten allergy resulting in digestive disorders, headache, stomachache, and gluten-intolerance skin bumps or rashes.

Gluten could become the culprit behind weight gain, aging, acne, and many more that people often do not notice.

You might end up with saggy skin and wonder what went wrong.

It would help if you had a balanced gluten-free diet plan for weight loss and anti-aging benefits.

Gluten-Free Diet, Skin and Acne: Everything You Need To Know About
Gluten-Free Diet, Skin and Acne: Everything You Need To Know About

Gluten-Free Diet Plans for Beginners

Even if you don’t have celiac disease, there still is a chance that you are allergic to gluten.

Have you ever had pimples on your face after eating wheat or rye dishes? That’s it then. It was the gluten’s fault.

This is what you should eat to benefit your skin:

  • Eggs and Meat

Start your day with warm water and honey.

Eggs, meat, and fish are naturally gluten-free. Egg breakfast would be energetic and good for the skin.

Meat has high protein content, which could be a perfect alternative to gluten-foods.

  • Dairy Products

Dairy products are usually bad for acne. But if you are not allergic to lactose, plain milk and yogurt could be decent members of your diet.

However, dairy products could pop out pimples or cystic acne. Rather prefer plant-based milk. Even better.

Flavored milk products or yogurt might have gluten content in it. Avoid eating that, or at least check the ingredients on the label.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are always good to have in the diet.

They have tons of natural benefits for anti-aging skin, body metabolism. Fruits can cure acne naturally, without any side effects.

  • Flour Alternatives and Spices

Instead of wheat flour, you can eat corn flour, potato flour, soy, or almond flour. These are starchy flours with great benefits over indigestion and skin abnormalities.

Herbs and spices are gluten-free as well. You can add them to your diet plan. However, please keep it to a decent quantity.

Along with the right diet, you also need a suitable skincare routine. Recently the most popular skincare product i.e, an anti-aging skin product would be an excellent addition to the regular skincare.

Averr Aglow’s Ageless Eyes Day Cream removes fine lines and softens any skin type. Suitable for pregnant women as well.

Your gluten-free diet should be a perfect balance of everything—nothing more, nothing less.

Gluten-Free Diet Benefits

  1. A gluten-free diet can reduce pimple breakouts. Gluten rash or bumps won’t even show up on your skin.
  2. Even if you don’t have acne or rashes, your skin might still look dull or soulless. A gluten-free diet can bring back the glow on your skin.
  3. A gluten-free diet naturally moisturizes your skin.
  4. Your wrinkles will be gone as the diet will fade out fine lines on the skin.
  5. Not just your skin, your overall body metabolism would improve with a gluten-free diet.

Beautiful women,

Don’t panic if you see wrinkles on your skin. You still have time. Reduce the intake of gluten-foods and try the above tips.

Your younger self will smile back at you again!

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