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9 Outstanding Treatments To Get Rid Off Chicken Pox Scar

Chicken Pox Scar1

Chicken pox is the one disease which every one has faced one’s in life time either as kids or in young age. What really bother are the scars which are left behind, specially on the face, which remind us those 10 days which we spent with itching and little pain.

Chicken pox also known as varicella is formed not only the face but all over the body. it is because of zoster virus, where red and itchy blisters are formed. These scars can be treated with some medical treatments, but home remedies can make some changes but with little time and patience. Home remedies do not include any side effects and indeed make skin healthy and strong

Home Remedies For Chicken Pox Scar:

1. Honey


Honey is the anti-bacterial and antioxidant which repairs skin or scar easily especially if it is the freshly formed scar. When you apply honey on the scar or mark, it removes all the itchiness from the skin.  It helps in the healing process of the skin and helps to get rid of the scars as fast as possible. It is anti-aging, which cures blemishes, dark spots and scars as well.

  • Just rub honey on the scars on circular motion and leave for 10 min
  • Let the skin soak the honey
  • Wash off with cold water

2. Aloe vera:

Aloe vera

Aloe vera the king of medicinal plants contains enzymes which fight on scars and helps in healing them. It contains moisturising properties which moisturises epidermal layer of the skin, helps in regeneration of the skin cells. It helps in lightening the dark spots. Apply when the mark is fresh so that the healing can be recovered easily and can be cured from itchiness.

  • Scoop out aloe vera gel and make liquid of it
  • Add spoonful of honey
  • Mix it properly and apply on the scars
  • Leave them overnight and wash off with cold water

3. Papaya:


Papaya contains papain which restores moisture of the skin, removes dead skin cells and gives scar free skin. It works deep into the skin, which attacks inter cellular debris, which removes dark spots with in no time.

  • Take papaya of ¼ cup
  • Make the paste of it
  • Add spoonful of honey and mix well
  • Now apply the mix on the spots and leave for 45 min
  • Wash off with cold water

4. Vitamin E:

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants, which helps in collagen production. It hydrates skin and protects skin from free radical and impurities.

  • Vitamin E oil capsule can be massaged on the skin
  • Vitamin e supplements can be taken as part of your diet
  • Vitamin E is rich in spinach, almond, papaya.
  • Try to eat as much as you can to retreat the skin.
  • Note: consult doctor before consuming iron supplements

5. Coconut water:

coconut water

Coconut water contains essentials like lauric acid and cytokines, which are great for skin. It balances skin PH level and helps in skin cell re growth. Due its cooling nature, it brings itchiness and redness at stake. Not only by drinking but also by applying coconut water on the skin, it speeds up the recovery of the skin.

  • Drink twice or thrice coconut water
  • Wash your face and scars thrice a day with coconut water

6.Lemon :

Lemon juice
Lemon contains antiviral, anti bacterial properties and vitamin C, which enters deep in to the skin, fights the dermis of the layer and removes dark spots. It helps in collagen production, prevents free radicals, lightens dark spots, moisturises skin and gives bright and even skin tone. Lemon contains alpha hydroxyl acids which heals the skin quiet easily

  • Take a half spoon of lemon juice
  • Add half spoon of honey
  • Dilute it well and apply on the scars
  • Leave it for 15 min and wash off with cool water

7.Baking soda:

Baking Soda

It soothes the itchiness and itchiness. It prevents from formation of scars, exfoliates skin and maintains PH balance of the skin. By giving a gentle massage on the scars, it scrubs the skin, removes dead skin cells and gives bright skin without any scars.

  • Take 2 tsp of baking soda
  • Add tsp of lemon juice and honey
  • Make the paste of it and apply on the skin
  • Gently massage and Leave it for 15 min
  • Wash off with cool water.

8. Avocado :


Avocado contains vitamin E, which improves collagen production, works in depth of the skin, removes dark spots, exfoliates skin and hydrates it, so that no scar is left behind.

  • Take a slice of avocado
  • Peel off and make the paste of it
  • Apply on the marks and leave it for 30 min
  • Wash off with cool water

9. Neem leaves:

Neem leaves

Our great grand mothers and grandmothers have used neem as way to cure chicken pox and its scar. neem is the herb which contains curative, anti aging properties, and antioxidants  which treats, heals and stops from spreading it

  • Boil neem leaves and bath with neem water
  • Make the paste of neem leaves and lime juice and apply on the skin
  • Apply neem oil on the scars leave for 30 min and wash off.


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