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16 Amazing Benefits Of Sapota Juice For Skin, Hair and Health

Amazing Benefits Of sapota juice

Sapota another name is chickoo (or) chikoo hails from mexico, belongs to sapotaceae family. All thanks to Spanish, they were the one, who introduced sapota to India. Sapota is widely grown in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil nadu, west Bengal, Gujarat and Karnataka being the largest exporter of sapota.

Sapota is the brown flesh fruit with big bean seeds inside it, oval in shape and sweet to taste. It is the seasonal fruit which is mostly seen during winters. When it is seasonal, it is understood that, it contains the best of the vitamins and health benefits to skin and hair as it is the high calorie fruit with zero cholesterol and zero fat.

Sapota is usually eaten raw as fruit itself, because it tastes the best and is hardly added in salads for its strong odour and taste. However there are best of the recipes like sapota halwa, kheer, barfi, etc.,

Sapota (or) chikoo  Benefits:

1. Helps in digestion and prevents digestive disorders:

Sapota contains high amount of fiber, which prevents indigestion, constipation and helps in free bowel moment. It contains polyphonic compounds called Tannin’s, which prevents bowel disorders. Tannin’s are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial which keeps active digestive tract preventing gastric problems and heart burn.

  • It is anti-diarrheal as well. By boiling sapota in glass of water and consuming it, it stops diarrhea as per ayurveda.

2. Provides energy:

When you are out, all day long, tired, just grab a sapota. It provides great source of energy, as it contains sucrose, fructose, vitamin A,B,C and minerals like copper, iron, calcium, phosphorous, etc., it also contains glucose, which gives instant energy.

3. Keeps bones stronger:

Sapota contain phosphorous, zinc, calcium and magnesium, which improves and gives bone health and bone density. With regular consumption of sapota, one can stop the pills for bone health.

4. Relieve from stress: 

Sapota contain high elements of vitamin B, which relaxes nerves, stabilises them and thus prevents stress.

5. Keep blood pressure under control:

Sapota contain iron, magnesium and potassium. Iron increases the oxygen level in the blood and prevents anaemea,, while magnesium keeps the blood vessels up. Potassium controls blood circulation and pressure.

6. Improves immune system:

Sapota rich with vitamin C, improve immune system. It removes free radical from the body, thus giving resistance from germs and infection.

7. Improves eye sight:

Sapota loaded with vitamin A, gives health eye sight. It prevents form the old age poor vision. It helps in the formation of visual sensory cells and thus improves eye sight.

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8. Prevents cancer:

It contains antioxidants, dietary fiber, nutrients, which helps in keeping the mucus lining of the body healthy, thus preventing cancer.  The active vitamins A and B, keeps skin texture intact, prevents lung cancer and oral cavity. It also tightly binds the carcinogens which protects mucus membrane of the colon.

9. Stops blood loss:

Stopping blood loss is the major problem, which we all go through. Sapota is popular for haemostatic property that helps in internal blood loss, piles, in stopping the blood flow. The seeds of sapota are crushed and applied on the bites and blood loss in order to stop it.

10. Prevents edema:

Edema is the problem caused due to heavy water and fluids build up in the body. By eating sapota, it contains diuretic feature, which removes the waste material and excessive fluids through frequent urination and maintains the required amount of water in the body.

11. Removes kidney stones:

Sapota seeds are diuretic in nature. The seeds are crushed and used to remove stones from the kidneys with expelling the bladder.


12. Acts as anti-ageing  and wrinkle free skin:

It is an anti-ager. It contains antioxidants, which fights and removes free radicals from the skin and body, removes fine lines from the face and thus gives wrinkle free skin.

13. Moisturises skin:

Sapota contain vitamin E, which moisturises and gives glowing skin. It improves collagen production and skin elasticity. Helps in skin recovery and gives toned skin

14. Moisturises hair:

Sapota seed oil is widely used for dry and frizzy hair. It moisturises hair, relieves from locks, absorbs easily, easy to comb for curly hair, leaving away the greasy effect.

15. Increases hair growth and fights dandruff:

The oil has to be massaged on the scalp, for effective hair. seborrheic dermatitis is treated with this oil.

16. Prevent premature hair colour:

By drinking sapota juice, it helps in repairing blood capilliaries, improves blood circulation on scalp and stops premature, of hair colour.


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