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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Plantar Warts Removal

Plantar Warts Removal

Sydney is situated over two major regions, which include the Cumberland Plain and Hornsby Plateau. It is one of the largest cities in Australia with a total land area of 12,367 square kilometers, and the most populous city in the country with more than 5 million inhabitants. Also, it ranks consistently high among the most livable cities in the world.

Despite being one of the healthiest cities in Australia, the inhabitants in Sydney also suffer common health conditions, such as plantar warts. This is why wart removal in Sydney is important to treat this unwanted illness.

What are Plantar Warts?

According to an article, plantar warts are unusual growths that appear on foot, especially in weight-bearing areas. They are characterized by a small, fleshy, and rough lesion that is usually found on the bottom of the foot, the base of the toes, and the heel. Blood vessels can get clotted inside warts, which leads to a black pinpoint appearance.

An infection causes plantar warts with a virus, specifically the human papillomavirus (HPV). Plantar warts develop when the pathogen enters your body through wounds or cuts on the bottom of your feet. This condition can be transmitted from person to person.

What is Wart Removal Therapy?

Wart Removal Therapy works by focusing a microwave signal that is emitted unto the skin in the foot to cause “heat shock.” When the wart receives microwave energy, it releases proteins into the system that allows the body’s immune system to recognize the infection and fight it.


Medical microwave technology is widely considered as the most effective treatment for plantar warts. According to studies, it has a success rate of more than 80%, making wart removal in Sydney the best therapy available in the city.

Why Should I Get Wart Removal Treatment?

Wart removal is of the utmost importance because if you don’t do it, you can infect your friends and family. And several factors increase the chances of transmitting plantar warts, such as weather and climate.


Because of its geographical location, Sydney experiences mild and cool winters that increase the chances of plantar warts from occurring. You would be better off having wart removal therapy before or during winter months to ensure that you don’t transmit the condition to people close to you.

Is Wart Removal Therapy Painful?

The use of medical microwave technology in removing warts can cause a little discomfort, but it won’t be painful and lasts only for a few seconds. The rapid heating of the wart causes this discomfort to around 40 degrees Celsius.


Suppose you have been living in Sydney for quite some time now and have developed tolerance to the warm and hot summers. In that case, wart removal therapy won’t be as uncomfortable because it would only feel like exposing your feet to mild sunlight.

Does Wart Removal Therapy Take a Long Time?

Wart removal therapy usually takes 3-4 treatment sessions, which have less than 4-week intervals per session. But wart removal therapy can be shorter or longer depending on how you respond to the treatment.


If you have been experiencing plantar warts for several years, and can’t find any solutions to remove them, then SWIFT medical microwave technology is your best option.


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