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Different Types of Water Purifiers and its Usefulness

Water is one of the crucial things in our daily life. It is not possible to live without water. Not only for drinking purpose, water is needed for many other works, also like medical, industrial, household, chemical, and pathological actions. But because of many infectious particles, some sources are becoming polluted. If you use polluted water for all these places, then it hampers the product on which water is used.

Moreover, by drinking polluted water, you can be attacked by any critical disease. So, to solve this problem and to keep the water safe, the water purifier is very much needed. Purification of water is an essential thing in every aspect where it is used.

What Do You Mean By A Water Purifier?

A water purifier is a machine which helps to purify water. It is the best way for the purification of the water. Water purification is the procedure to eliminate unwanted chemicals, gases, particles, and biological contaminants from the water. There are different types of water purifier for various purposes, such as domestic water purifier, industrial usage water purifier. Water purifies involves different methods of filtering water. These are methods are written below.

  • Chemical process
  1. Flocculation
  2. chlorination
  • Physical Process
  1. Filterration
  2. Sedimentation
  3. Distillation
  • Biological Process
  1. Slow sand filter
  2. Biological active carbon

Reasons For Using A Water Purifier

Water can have different minerals, dirt, poisonous chemicals and impurities, which makes the water impure and bad taste. If the water contains microscopic organisms and various bacteria, then it can cause serious disease and illness. By using water purifier, you can make the water pure by removing all the dirt and unwanted organisms, so that it can be safe to drink and other uses.

  • Sediment removal

In sediment removal process, a mechanical water filter removes all the dirt, clay, leaves and particles from the water. A mechanical water purifier can be made from the ceramic, metal screen, paper, and fabric. These impurities are called sediments, which usually not good for health. Most of the home water purifier uses changeable paper filters which can make the sediment process better.

  • Reducing minerals

Some minerals such as iron, manganese, calcium which are present in the water are not infectious for health, but they can make the taste to water metallic and irregular. If the cloth washing water contains iron and manganese, then it can stain on the clothing or even discolour the cloth and the dishes. These types of minerals build up in pipes and reduce the pressure of the water. So, mineral should be removed from the water by purifying it with a water purifier.

  • Pathogen Removal

Purifying water is essential to keep the water safe and bacteria-free. By drinking impure water, you can get attacked by diarrhoea, which will continue even for six months. The microscopic parasite is the reason for disease. Cryptosporidium is another parasite which causes disease. These pathogens can be removed by passing the water through micro-, nono-filters, and ultra-.

Different Types Of Water Purifier

There are different types of water purifiers available in the market at different prices. But before buying a water purifier you should know the hardness of your home water, and what type of metals and contaminants are present in the water. There are 5 water purifier depending on the process of water purification.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Ultra-violet (UV)
  • Ultra-filteration (UF),
  • Activated Carbon
  • Sediment filter

These water purifiers need to be maintained. Otherwise, it will not give good service. You can consult with Aquasure customer care for the servicing of the water purifier.

  1. Reverse Osmosis (RO)

This type of water purifier contains a semipermeable membrane to filter the water. There is one pump which pressurizes the hard water to flow through the reverse osmosis membrane. At the time of this process the solid particles, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, sulfates stuck in the RO membrane, and we can get purified water.

  1. Ultra Violet (UV)

Ultraviolet water purifier uses that technology which can eliminate pathogens, bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses and prevent water caused diseases. This type of water purifier has a UV lamp tube, and the water has to pass through the lamp during the water purification process. The UV light kills the germs and makes the water purified.

You can get Aquasure customer care number from their website for servicing these types of water purifiers. There are some differences between RO water purifier and Ultraviolet water purifier. RO water purifier eliminates dissolved salts from the water and makes the taste better than before. UV water purifier does nothing like this. Lots of water are wasted during the purification by RO purifier, but UV water purifier does not do that. The cost of RO purifier is comparatively high than the UV water purifier, and the maintenance cost is also a bit high of RO purifier. RO water purifier eliminates the microorganisms from the water, but UV purifier only kills the microorganisms, the actual body still present in the water.


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