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How A Wrong Size Bra Will Affect Your Health

How A Wrong Size Bra Will Affect Your Health

With more than eighty percent of women, all across the globe, wearing the wrong bra size, the possibility of health related issues are tremendously high. Besides health being a major concern, did you know that a wrong bra size also affects in maintaining the shape of you bosoms? An ill – fitted bra isn’t just about the discomfort that tags along, but also about the crucial health complications it can bring to your day – to – day life. From breast pain to back aches, we’ve listed a few health risks that will rise higher if you continue wearing the wrong bra size.

Back pain

A tell – all sign that you are wearing the wrong bra size is severe back aches. A common sign amongst women with larger breasts. A wrong size bra does not take the weight or support your breasts as it needs to. On Account of this, your breasts tend to sag, while putting a whole lot of pressure on your chest and back. If you’ve been facing unbearable back pain, it’s time to switch your bra size.

Breast pain

Another common symptom that women wearing the wrong bra size face is – breast pain. If your wearing a size small then you breasts feel nothing but suffocated. A smaller bra size, pushes your chest a lot more than a normal bra would do. This can cause extreme pain and discomfort. On the other hand, wearing a bigger bra size will leave your bosoms unsupported. Thereby, the risk of your breast tissue being damaged are higher.

Breast problems:

One of the most dangerous risk a wrong bra size can cause is cysts. While the possibility is extremely rare, wearing the wrong bra size over a period of years can cause severe damage to your breasts. An extremely tight bra can block the blood flow to your breasts, this causing cysts in your breasts. To avoid such health scare, a drawer filled with the right bra size is of utmost importance.

Blockage of lymph nodes

Another health risk of wearing an extremely tight bra is blockage of lymph nodes. The lymphatic vessels in your body tend to get compressed with too much pressure. Exerting a whole lot pressure on your lymphatic vessels over a period of time can cause your vessels to close. Hence, wearing a right bra size is extremely crucial to your health and your breasts.

The first step to wearing the right bra size is to get yourself fitted. As complicated as it might sound, it’s quite the opposite. Find the right bra with the help of  these easy and simple steps at home & the given bra size chart.

Step 1. Your Band Size

Every bra fitting guide begins with finding your band size.

  • Firstly, relax, and stand in an upright position.
  • Before you get measuring ensure you’ve worn a normal bra and not a padded or push up bra.
  • Take the measuring tape and wrap it just under your breasts, right in the centre where your bra under band would normally sit.
  • Measure it not too tight or too loose.
  • Round the measurement off to the nearest whole number.
  • If the number you get is even, add 4 inches to the total; if it’s odd, add another 5 inches.
  • E.g: If you measured 32, your band size comes to 36 inches and if you measured 31, your band size will be 36 inches

Step 2: Your Bust Size

calculate bra size
calculate bra size

  • Take the measuring tape and wrap it around the fullest part of your breasts. To get this right, take the tape around the nipples to round it to nearest whole number.

Step 3: Your Cup size

Take your band size and your bust size and subtract the band size from your bust and refer to the bra size chart.

E.g.  36 inches bust –  33 inches band = 3. After referring to the bra size chart, your cup size is 34C.

Signs that you’re a wrong bra size ?

While breast pain and back pain are major red flags on the list, there are a few other signs that you need to watch out for:

  • Wrinkling bra cups

A wrinkled cup basically means that your wearing a bra that’s really large for you. Going up a size or two will leave your bras wrinkled and creased, as the room between your breasts and the cups is a lot. In such cases, look for bras with smaller cup size but the same band size.

  • Poking underwires

A huge sign of discomfort to you and your breasts are poking underwires. If the underwire of your bras are digging into your skin, time to buy a bra with a larger cup size. This way the cups can give your breasts ample support without having to dig into your breast tissue.

  • Cup Spillage

Notice your breast spilling out of your cups? If your bosoms are ruining the look of your outfits by spilling out of your bra cups, it’s about time you change your bra. A smaller cup size causes bulges and bumps, leaving you completely embarrassed. Ditch your spillage woes and switch to bras with a bigger cup size, that cover your bosoms to a T.

  • Straps

If your straps seem to be digging into your skin or simply seem to slide down, no matter how much you adjust them, ditching those bras for newer functional ones is the right way out.

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