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The Best Crayfish and Salmon Pie.

Crayfish tails add a bit of extravagance to this magnificent fish pie with a floury squashed potato besting. The Crayfish tails praise the surface and kind of the Salmon. 

750 grams of floury potatoes – King Edwards are suggested. 
25 grams of spread. 
salt and dark pepper to taste. 
150 mls of milk. 
100 grams of ground cheddar. 
500 grams of Salmon filet. 
250 grams of pre-cooked crayfish tails. 
600 mls of hot milk. 
1 onion. 
2 leeks. 
75 grams of spread. 
50 grams of plain flour. 
Squeeze and get-up-and-go of a large portion of a lemon. 
2 tbsp of dill, crisply slashed. 
2 tbsp of parsley, crisply slashed. 
2 tbsp of tricks. 
Start by making the soft garnish for the pie. 

Strip and bones the potatoes into 2 inch pieces and spot on a pot of salted virus water. Carry the water to the bubble and stew for around 15 minutes. At the point when the potato pieces are delicate, channel off the water, include the milk and margarine and season with the salt and pepper. At that point squash the potatoes until the blend is smooth and velvety. 

Presently for the Crayfish and Salmon pie filling .

Dissolve the margarine for the pie filling in another skillet and include the onion finely hacked and the leeks cut finely, put a cover on the container to keep in the dampness and cook tenderly until the onion is mellowed yet not carmelized. Turn up the warmth and add the flour to the onion and leek blend and mix in the milk a little at once to make a smooth thickened sauce. 

Cut the Salmon filets into 2 inch pieces yet leave the crayfish tails entirety. At this stage, include the various elements for the filling in to the sauce and blend well. Season with newly ground dark pepper and salt to taste. 

Move the filling into a shallow, however wide bottomed broiler evidence dish ( around 5 smallish ought to be adequate) and level out over the dish ensuring that the Salmon and crayfish tails are uniformly disseminated. Spoon on the crushed potato beating and orchestrate with a fork to make the surface designed and lightened up. At that point sprinkle on a liberal covering of the ground cheddar. 

Prepare your Crayfish and Salmon pie in a pre-warmed broiler for around 35 minutes at 220C 425F Gas 7. Expel from the broiler when the pie filling is steaming hot and the garnish is a brilliant dark colored shading. 

The Stargazypie, or Starry Gazy Pie, as it here and there got back to has its beginnings set in time. At the point when one stormy winters evening a Tom Bowcock, a neighborhood angler, went to the ocean to attempt to land a catch of fish to take care of the destitute locals. He succeeded and figured out how to come back with enough fish to make an enormous pie to take care of everybody. 

It is asserted that the first dish included seven sorts of fish. Sand Eels, Horse Mackerel, Pilchards, Herring, Dog Fish, Ling and an anonymous fish. The last currently gives us some opportunity to make our own adaptation of the well known and delicious pie. 
The dish comprises of five components, which we ought to consider thusly. 
Serve quickly with a choice of naturally cooked or steamed vegetables. 

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