6 Trouser Styles Every Man Needs In His Closet

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You don’t need to have a bursting closet to be stylish. A few high-quality and well-chosen items can create a solid base for any look and any occasion.

And an essential part of that base is trousers. If a couple of decades ago, most men had a pair of jeans and a pair of suit pants and called it a day, today, there are endless styles that can get your head spinning. 

That’s why we did the choosing for you. 

Here are 6 trouser styles every man should have in his closet.


If you don’t have a single pair of chinos, you need to get one right now! This style of men’s trousers is as versatile as they get. Made from heavy cotton called twill, they will serve you at work, any smart-casual situation or for a relaxed weekend in the city.

Pair your chinos with loafers or sneakers, a high-quality t-shirt like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees, throw on a blazer or a denim jacket, and you’re ready for anything. Click here to find out more about Fresh Clean Tees crew-neck tees.

If you can, get a few pairs in different colours – the most versatile are navy, grey or beige, but we strongly suggest a bolder choice for summer too, like dusk rose or green!

Wool trousers

Every man needs a pair of high-quality, thick, trusty wool trousers that are incredibly versatile and work for almost any occasion.

Wool trousers can be worn as a part of your smart attire for work and special occasions, or add the needed oomph to a casual look of a cardigan or a t-shirt.

They come in all classic colours from grey, brown, black, navy to patterns such as checkers and stripes. If you need ideas, just look at this comprehensive list Esquire has created!

Depending on the occasion, pair them with Oxford shoes, suede boots or a simple pair of leather sneakers.

Lastly, there’s always a discussion of whether wool pants should be pleated and currently, most answers are a resounding “no”.

Linen trousers

Linen trousers are an absolute must-have for spring and summer. In the last few seasons, many brands came out with some great designs that provide shape and don’t look like you’re wearing a potato bag.

What makes linen trousers so great? First of all, they’re airy and keep you cool during those hot days. Secondly, they’re very low maintenance. Lastly, they’re versatile – the right cut will serve you on a laidback summer wedding and a weeknight evening in town.

If you want to follow the trends even closer, pick up a cropped pair and style it with sneakers and a simple t-shirt.

Pleated trousers

Initially, pleats on pants were created to give enough room for legs when sitting down. Later the entire look took the wrong turn, and pleated pants were almost forgotten.

However, as GQ magazine put it, pleats are back from the brink of extinction, ready to level and loosen up your pants rotation. If you’re ready to dive in, get yourself the right fit, and you’re ready for summer!

The main rule is to find a proper balance between the pants being fitted and loose. You’re not looking for the skinny jeans effect but remember – too much fabric will make you look like a salesman from the 80s (not in a good way).

Pair the linen trousers with a cashmere crewneck or a T-shirt, and if you’re feeling adventurous – add white leather sneakers.

Cargo pants

Other trousers back from oblivion are cargo pants. And they’re better than ever. You can get almost any fit – from very fitted to very baggy – and any fabric from corduroy to ripstop.

Even though those pockets are almost begging to be filled with keys, wallet, phone and who knows what else, it’s best to keep them empty to avoid bulking.

You can go down the familiar path and wear cargo pants with a sweatshirt or basic t-shirt, but with the right styling, you can easily pull off a very trendy look with a fitted shirt and a blazer!

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