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A Guide to Travelling in Style with Silk Sarees for Winter

Silk Sarees for Winter

It’s winter almost and the enchanting chill is hard to escape. However, what if you need to travel suddenly to attend a wedding occasion in another city? The subtle charm of the season comes out in no better way than choosing silk sarees. 

As you planning to witness the wedding vows and the union of hearts in another city, make sure your attire exudes charm and sophistication. So, let the delicate weaves and folds of silk sarees become your companions when travelling to a distant location and celebrate the occasion in style. Buy printed silk sarees online if your wardrobe has not been replenished with winter collections for a long time. 

If you are all set to attend a winter wedding held in another location, read this guide to master the art of travel essentials for a stylish and seamless journey and know which silk sarees to pack for the stylish wedding:

Pick the Right Silk Saree

One of the basics of your winter wedding itinerary is choosing the right fabric. Try to choose silks that blend comfort and warmth. Tussar silk, Katan silk, Murshidabad silk, pure silk, and Kanjeevaram silk are a few varieties to rely on for their weaves. These sarees are light and easy to drape but also keep you snug in the cold climate. At the same time, you will love carrying light luggage, especially when journeying alone. What is your ideal travel companion for winter travel? Buy tussar silk sarees if you are fascinated by a beautiful drape already. 

Layer Your Saree to Exude Elegance 

Silk sarees exude elegance but when you are travelling for a winter wedding to another city where the drop in mercury feels on the skin, be practical. You need to understand that layering the saree is the best bet when you are looking for an option to stay stylish and warm at the same time. A good option would be to pair your saree with a pashmina stole for added warmth. That way, you will not only add a cosy dimension to your attire but help yourself to adapt to changing temperatures during the journey. Don’t miss any opportunity for silk sarees online shopping if you are keen to embrace versatility in silk sarees. 

Fix the Colour Palette

No other season embraces colours as nicely as the winter season. With the chill comes a rich canvas of hues that also harmonise with the season. Pick earthy tones like blue, burgundy, or green to ensure that the shades align with the inter landscape. You can also buy Kolkata silk sarees in black, brick red, and bright pink or bright embroideries in lighter shades. Dual tones also highlight the significance of the wedding season. However, you need to analyse the chill in the wedding destination when choosing the colour palette of your saree to ensure that it complements the vibe of the wedding and is easy to pack in during travel. 

Choosing the Perfect Blouse 

The right blouse can make a difference when you are choosing silk sarees for a winter wedding. Choose long-sleeved or three-quarter sleeve blouses in Chanderi silk to stay warm or experiment with high necklines. Velvet blouses are an excellent choice and also help you stay warm. No matter what you choose, be sure to pick a blouse that goes with your body type and protects you from the winter breeze. If you are buying boutique sarees in Kolkata, don’t miss exploring the collections at Dora By Phoenix. They have marvellous collections of blouses, silk sarees, and stoles to make your winter travel and wedding perfect. 

Choose a Suitable Drape

Suppose you need to head to the wedding event as soon as you reach the destination. You need to master the art of draping the saree and making it travel-friendly as well. Pre-pleating the saree at home will help you save time during travel and ensure that you look flawless. Buy a pure silk saree online, secure the pleats and make sure that your attire stays in place when you travel. 

Practical Aspects

For a winter wedding, your focus is likely to be on style but don’t miss the practical considerations. So, if you are yet to purchase the saree, buy a printed katan silk saree online and fold it in a way to minimise the crease. Consider using garment bags if you want additional protection during the transit. 

Embarking on your winter wedding journey is the perfect way to celebrate your style. You need to carefully curate a diverse collection of silk sarees that are to become a testament to your travel. So, embrace the chill and let your silk sarees tell the story of timelessness, warmth, and elegance that transcends the beauty of the winter season. 

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