5 DIY Project Where Wallpaper Can Be Your Best Friend



Renovating our homes with sticky wallpapers is one of the easiest & most affordable ways to make yourself new & fresh. You do not need to spend too much to decorate your kitchen or bedroom. Even your kid’s room can be decorated easily with wallpaper, be it of a superhero from their favourite comics or movies.

However, once you are done with it, there are so many wallpapers left. You must be thinking of what use these sticky wallpapers are, apart from using to freshen up your home? Well, there are many uses. Do not worry here are we, to help you in decorating many things without spending much.

So here are the best five ways to use sticky wallpapers to give your decor pieces, furniture kid’s room etc a new look:


Wallpaper can be used in many ways, but nothing is more useful than turning it into wrapping paper. When you do not want to waste the leftover wrap you can use it to give your fridge a trendy makeover. Sticky wallpapers can ease your work a lot. You can decorate it with wallpaper cutouts. If it is a floral pattern it will fresh up that block of your fridge.

This DIY project is perfect for those who want to craft but still are no expert in crafting. No worries, all you need is some pair of frames, sticky wallpapers and a stunning sheet of paper to put inside. You can make a statement piece to hang over your in your hall or to create an impression designer look above your sofa. Either way, it is an affordable way to create art.


You can line up your drawers with colourful or vintage wallpapers and give them a complete makeover at no cost. This will transform your furniture into a designer curator piece.


Use vintage style wallpaper to make a photo backdrop Nowadays this idea is perfect for wedding photoshoots that will be lovely for a bride photo backdrop. Especially the use of sticky wallpapers comes to the rescue here because of its texture, pattern as well as fine art and designs. 

You can use the wallpapers in the background for food photography, product photography, or any kind of photoshoots. You can also decorate your kid’s room using children’s wallpaper.

The wallpaper will bring out the contrast between the product/food giving it a professional look. Try all these ideas you are going to love them for sure.

A fabulous way to use wallpaper that costs almost nothing!


Out of gift wrappers and could not manage the time to get to one, no worries, perhaps you can use the leftover wallpapers. Due to its thickness, it can also be used like a store-bought gift bag, all you need to do is add a thick cloth string as a loop handle. You can decorate the gift with sticky wallpaper cutouts just to finish it up with a ribbon.

If you are using glass jars, use the sticky wallpapers to wrap around the jar and glue a label on top of it. Secure the lid with an elastic band and then use the same colour ribbon to provide the end touch. It is economical as well as a good presentation.

Give your lamp a new look:

You can use your leftover wallpaper to give a new life into that boring, ugly & old lampshade. This DIY is perfect for lamps be it a floor lamp or a table lamp, or even those hanging pendant lamps. You can change the look of the interior or the exterior.You can choose the wallpaper according to your taste.However, Preparing wallpaper for a cylindrical (or drum-shaped) lamp is not easy, but you need to be careful when it is tapered. Simply, trace the shape on the back of the leftover wallpaper by rotating the lampshade 360°, marking with a pen as you roll it. And it’s done.


Wallpapers are one of the best ways to enhance the look of your house. They look stylish and more importantly, they’ll not fall heavy on your pocket.

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