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5 banquet hall Destination in the South Kolkata

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Banquet halls in Kolkata are somewhat the most difficult of all the things that are needed in a wedding organization. A marriage hall in south Kolkata mainly depends upon the location that you are finding it at. For that reason, the wedding planners and the banquet halls in Kolkata divided them, upon spots or known to be as key locations. For finding the right marriage hall in south Kolkata the area is being divided into five exact points.


Behala falls under the extreme exterior part for a marriage hall in south Kolkata. The area considers many spots especially it has the Maheshtala area and also the Behala Chowrasta, the area which is considered to be a leading destination for banquet halls in Kolkata.

When it is about booking a wedding hall in south Kolkata then definitely Behala is an option which is meant for the people opting for a venue that can come within your desired budget. Behala has a few expensive locations as well which is suitable for people opting for an expensive and posh wedding as a whole.


It is a massively known fact that telling on is a really expensive part of South Kolkata and especially when this is about finding banquet halls in Kolkata. The area is brewed with multiple marriage halls in South Kolkata. Stretching out from the Technician Studios to two other interior locations in the place.

Marriage halls in south Kolkata are predominantly located in Tollygunge itself. Famous and aristocratic marriage halls Imperial Banquets, Shubham marriage hall, Vishnu Priya banquets, Sukhtara, Rajasthan Bhawan, Mewar banquet halls, and etcetera. There are few popular ones like Parampara Banquet Hall and Vinayak Banquets or Palace.


Jadavpur as a location meant to be the cheapest as a marriage hall in south Kolkata. The place is appropriate for the one who is asking for a banquet hall in Kolkata. Suitable Banquet halls and pleasant Wedding planners bring out the best for the wedding game.

Jadavpur has a special option for the people choosing the wedding hall here. Few wedding halls only charge for the banquet and keep the catering cost separately which makes it very expensive. Whereas in Jadavpur as a location, a wedding hall in south Kolkata offers the compatibility of only paying for the catering and decorators and you don’t have to pay for the banquet.

 4.New Alipore

New Alipur is a far extended portion of the wedding halls in South Kolkata. The area is used enough that it touches the portion of Bhawanipur and Tollygunge extension. Few Wedding halls in there can be considered in the new Alipur zone as well and it is extremely budget-friendly as well as trendy in the wedding field.


There are countless banquet halls in Kolkata.  Stretching from Bhawanipur to other areas for marriage halls in south Kolkata. They are like, neither very expensive nor very cheap. Bhowanipore on the other hand, dwells in between, with other marriage halls in south Kolkata. Banquet halls like Panache Banquets, Myrah Banquets Rangoli marriage halls, Lee Banquets, and are the ones in Bhowanipore.

There are few popular high spots in Bhowanipore with Banquet Halls in Kolkata, Chowringhee Banquets, and Regency Banquet Hall. Attractions like few oyo subscribed banquet halls in Kolkata which are popular among restaurants and catering chains like king’s landing-Banquet and kitchen or Trincas Banquet Hall in Kolkata.

As a banquet hall in Kolkata, every destination has to have a proper, venue location as well as interiors. The marriage halls in south Kolkata almost have all the above-needed sparks, that make the best aura in the wedding market.





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