4 Timeless Handbags to Add to Your Wardrobe

Anyone in the fashion world who knows what they’re talking about will tell you that a handbag is the definitive investment piece. It will forever be stylish and never wear out or wash away like a garment. Certain designer handbags also have a tendency to increase in value, thus making them more than worthy of being called an investment. 

A good handbag will also serve as a versatile and functional accessory that you can mix and match with just about anything you wear on a daily basis. From sophisticated evening dresses to casual summer ensembles, a handbag will always elevate your look. 

But there’s a stark difference between a fast-fashion handbag and one that’s made by an esteemed European designer: its timelessness. After all, it can’t be considered an investment piece if it’s not going to last. With this in mind, here are four timeless handbags to consider adding to your wardrobe. 

Fendi Baguette

As its name would suggest, the Baguette is made to fit snugly under your arm like a loaf of bread from the same country it was designed in. Silvia Venturini Fendi called it the “first bag to be treated like a garment.” The classy croc-like material, sleek black finish and golden accents make the Baguette a truly standout piece. 

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

For their 2013 fall collection, Saint Laurent released the Sac De Jour, a Birkin-inspired piece designed by none other than the legend himself, Hedi Slimane. Since then, everyone from Nicole Richie to Bella Hadid has been spotted sporting the iconic handbag. Amid plenty of alternatives, the Sac De Jour’s chic, sophisticated style remains in high demand. 

The same applies for a number of other Saint Laurent pieces from more recent collections, such as the Kate Tassel and Sulpice bags. In addition to their wide range of designer garments, you can find these and a variety of other Saint Laurent bags on SSENSE. Lightning-fast shipping comes standard, so you’ll be able to get your hands on it in no time.

Chanel 2.55

The iconic 2.55 first hit the market in 1955, before being reborn through the efforts of Karl Lagerfield in 2005. The 2.55 is definitely one of the more famous handbags of our time and high demand is pushing resale prices through the roof. If you can get your hands on one, be sure to treat it well. It could just pay your mortgage one day.

Givenchy Antigona

The Antigona has been reimagined in a multitude of striking color and material combinations since its birth in 2011. Simple, practical and extremely sophisticated, this handbag is easily one of the best to come out of Paris. Opt for a tonal gray colorway that’ll work with any outfit while still making a statement. 

Alexander McQueen’s Legend, Dior’s Lady Bag, Chloe’s Drew Bag and the Kelly Bag by Hermes are some other great options to look into. Regardless of what you end up carrying around, rest-assured you’ll be doing it in style. And with a bit of care, your designer handbag might also boost your net worth in the not-so-distant future.

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