Why You Need to Be Wearing Eyelash Extensions

Everyone wants to feel like their best self, and that usually means looking and feeling presentable to others. For a lot of people, this means applying makeup every morning before taking on their day. Although it may be a tedious process, the result is usually worth it. Makeup gives people the confidence they may require to face the day and feel like their most beautiful self. One of the messiest and worst parts of applying makeup can be eye makeup. It usually happens towards the end of the routine, and if it gets messed up or smudged, it may require restarting someone’s entire routine. There are some people who prefer a more natural look, and usually, as a bare minimum, they do their eyelashes. It’s a good way to draw attention to the eyes, which truly are the window to your soul. 

Many people who are blonde or redheaded have naturally lightly tinted eyelashes, that are almost invisible. These people often feel like they need mascara to even make their eyelashes appear on their faces at all and avoid looking tired or bare.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

  • Eyelash extensions are amazing for people who are constantly on the go. They create a noticeable difference for someone who might have light or sparser lashes. They also look extremely natural, since each lash is put directly on your lash line. This can make a huge difference, especially if you’re running late. 
  • Eyelash extensions, depending on how you take care of them, can last up to 5 weeks. That compared to applying a lash strip or mascara every day, makes extensions seem much more appealing to wear. 
  • Having eyelash extensions can sometimes feel like you are wearing permanent makeup (without the commitment). For many people, being caught in a moment without your “face on” can be a huge source of insecurity or anxiety.  Feeling like you are always ready can be a huge confidence boost. It means that you won’t have to feel like you cannot be spontaneous with making plans if you haven’t done your makeup that day. 
  • While it may be costly to get lash extensions, you are saving money in other areas, such as not buying tubes of mascara. It is a financial commitment that is not worth it to everyone. A viable at-home alternative to lash extensions would be magnetic lashes. They are easier and less messy to apply than regular lash strips. The eyeliner is what holds the lashes on your eye, so there is no need for lash glue. It still takes a steady hand to achieve, and some practice, but it is cheaper than spending around $150 a month on eyelashes. 

Popular Looks with Eyelash Extensions

A style that is very popular right now is the ‘cat eye’ look, which is usually achieved with eyeliner and/or lashes in the far corner of the eye. This can be achieved through lash extensions since they can make your eyes look like a different shape. Lash technicians can arrange the placement of the lashes to give their clients a bigger or wider looking eye.

Issues with “Falsies”

A major limitation of wearing false lashes as opposed to just eyelash extensions is being able to do activities in them. A lot of times lashes will fall off if they get wet. This means you can’t work out while wearing them, go swimming, or shower. With lash extensions, you don’t have to worry about any of that. 

Another problem with strip lashes can be applying too much glue. This can make it feel like your lashes are weighing you down, and become uncomfortable to wear or even blink. But eyelash extensions are weightless, and you won’t even remember they are on your eyes after about a day or two.

Concerns about Eyelash Extensions

Something that might concern someone who wants eyelash extensions is whether or not they get matted while sleeping. But thankfully, no, they will not get matted or messed up unless you sleep with your head directly facing into your pillow. If so, quickly brushing your lashes in the morning will fix any complications.

In Summary

All in all, it is up to you whether or not lash extensions are worth your time or money. It takes some getting used to, and having them for a long period of time and then going without them can actually mess with your self-image. Looking in the mirror and not feeling as pretty without extra lashes can take a toll on your self-esteem in the long term.  That is why options like home application exist, with some companies creating options that allow you to actually apply lash extensions on your own with a magnetic solution rather than glue.  Get the best of both worlds without having to leave your own home, and feel like your best self as you go out to conquer the world!   


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