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Unique Wedding Ring Design Ideas For Men

Wedding Ring

It has always been a tradition for the groom to wear a wedding band, which would normally be a plain gold or platinum band, although, in recent years, men have started to add precious stones. If you are planning to tie the knot in 2023, here are a few innovative men’s wedding ring designs.

Platinum Engraved Wedding Band – No gemstones, a rather attractive engraving in a thick platinum band. This is the perfect wedding band for the outdoor adventurous type. The choices are endless regarding engraving and the custom jeweller can show you some fine examples of his work.
Gold & Platinum Band– A thick band consisting of two strands, one gold and one platinum, with a width of 35mm. Both metals are entwined in a spiral or placed side by side. The band can be inlaid with gemstones or pearls    for a stunning design that starts conversations. You only have to look at fine examples of unique mens wedding rings at your local jeweller to see what is possible when you blend two precious metals.
Inlaid Diamonds – A thick wedding band could have paved stones in a bezel setting, keeping the gemstones flush with the band. It all depends on the width and thickness of the band. A large-size wedding band could have a row of small diamonds, or a 3-stone arrangement, much like a trinity ring.
Black Diamonds Set In Yellow Gold – The ultimate in colour contrast, black and gold is perfect for the                  adventurous, outgoing man. Talk to a leading diamond dealer who can design and create a stunning black diamond  men’s wedding ring that you will cherish forever. The custom jeweller can acquire top-quality loose black stones and will recommend the cut to give maximum sparkle to the diamonds. Spend a few hours surfing the web, looking for unique men’s wedding rings, and you are sure to find something on to base your ring design on.
Single Ruby In Rose Gold – A subtle blend of rosy red and copper, a blood-red ruby from Myanmar would be      perfect. The custom jeweller has all the connections to acquire a 2-carat blood-red, which is uncut. Together you    decide on a cut (high quality) and after the stone is polished, the jeweller sends it to the GIA to be graded – you    receive the certificate with the ring and the stone would be a very good long-term investment, which should be fully insured.
Amber & Tungsten – Tungsten is very durable and does not tarnish, while top-quality amber has a fine glow and can be set into the band in a variety of ways. The custom jeweller would have many images of previous projects using amber & tungsten, which might give you some inspiration.
Emeralds In Yellow Gold– Fancy green emeralds attract the eye and if you have a concept in mind, talk to a leading custom jeweller and let the professional put together a few designs. Having a wedding band made by a custom jeweller is no more expensive than buying a ring from a jewellery store, yet you are involved in the design process and the finished product is truly a one-off, which makes it more special.

When you make an enquiry with a leading gemstone network, they have the know-how and the resources to create the perfect men’s wedding ring. Start with a Google search and when you find the right custom jeweller, set the ball rolling with an informal Zoom call to discuss designs and prices. When the design and price are agreed upon, the jewellery maker can get to work and acquire the gemstones.

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