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Top Special Secrets the Pima cotton T-shirt Look on Valentine’s Day.

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What are you planning to wear this Valentine’s day? We know that guys are least concerned about this topic as they don’t mind showing up in clothes that first come to their sight as they open up the wardrobe. But let us tell you that your girl would get all dressy while you are still shopping for henley and jeans. Well, we are not saying that T-Shirts aren’t a good idea, of course, one can manage to look in a pair of T-shirts if he follows certain rules.

We have curated a few secrets that will help you to nail a T-shirt look on valentine’s day.

Choose the correct neckline

V-necks commonly look the best on men with fitter physiques. The V cut emphasizes the chest and is often a perfect pick to show off the build-up. Basically, this neckline creates the illusion of length and balances out a narrow face. Crewnecks, on the other hand, are a better option for thinner men. This neck type draws less attention to your upper torso and doesn’t expose your neck that much, which is what you want if you haven’t been working out for a while. But the question is, which neck should you choose? It’s completely your call, though; the only thing to remember is not to expose too much of your chest, whichever neck you choose. You would want to stay clear of the extra-wide ‘boat neck,’ ‘scoop neck,’ and plunging V-neck designs.

Colors to choose

Then comes the color selection. Which color should you wear on Valentine’s day? You would expect red in the answer. But, we aren’t sticking with one color. Also, red is too cliche. Instead, you can pick any color from the red family. Normally, you can’t go wrong with neutral dark colors. This color choice is known to complement the widest range of complexions. Also, with natural, the styling gets really easy as the shades go well along with any color bottom wear. Also, since it’s a little cold outside on Valentine’s Day, you would probably have to layer up your T-Shirt. So, choosing the color of jacket or sweater will also become easy for you if you wear a gray, white, black, navy color pima cotton T-Shirt.

Go for a pristine Tshirt

 T-shirts are actually a very casual item in a men’s wardrobe, so you should avoid T-shirts that degrade the formality even further. In clear words, keep an eye for discoloration or aging. Avoid such T-shirts at any cost. Purchase a new one if required. Dressing in a pre-faded color T-Shirt on this day can make you look like a hipster. Avoid it by opting for a pristine, brand-new T-shirt. Also, holes and stains are also a natural part of a T-shirt’s aging, so you need to stay clear of such T-shirts as well.

Keep a note of these things when selecting a T-shirt to wear for a date on Valentine’s day.

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