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Tips for choosing suits for women

Tips for choosing suits for women

Tips for choosing suits for women:

All women like good suits, the ones which are according to their size, perfect fit, and are of the right color. Sometimes, we face difficult decisions as to which outfit to buy and which one will look best on us. As the season is changing, we should think about updating our wardrobes, especially the office women and for that you should visit the website of Sumissura, because they have the best trendy dresses, suits, accessories, shirts, blazers for plus size suits for women.

If you are one of those women who face issues when they go to buy suits? Then you don’t have to worry because we are going to mention some tips which will help you in making the right decision about suits.


  1. Pick the right shape for you:do not follow fashion trend when it comes to suits because suits are a long term investment which is worn longer than any other fashion accessories or dress and that is why then suit fashion doesn’t change that frequently. For the past few years, the styles of suits have slimmed, but again, that doesn’t mean that you have to go for a slim fit if it doesn’t suit you just because of its fashion. You can choose a short length leather jacket or long length leather jacket, or you can also pick a slim fit, select the suit which goes with your personality and body type. At Sumissura; all the plus size suits for women are available.
  2. Pick a neutral color:having neutral colors in your wardrobe is always a good option, even if you have never bought a suit or if you have a lot of pink, red, green suits in your closet. Especially if you’re going for a job interview, then it is preferred if you wear a neutral colored suit because it’s a safe option. Once you know your audience or get used to wearing suits then you can buy the bright and specific colors but until then stick with the neutral tones like gray, navy blue, charcoal, light brown, etc. you should avoid black because it’s starting to become overrated now.
  3. Pick the suits with right shoulders: the suit should look like it was made just for you, choose a suit which sets on your frame, if you are thin and have slanted shoulders then a strong shoulder fit would be best for you, if you mesomorph and have strong shoulders then soft shoulder fit would be best for you and if you are plus sized with bulky shoulders then soft shoulder fit would suit you. Before buying the suit, make sure you check it by stretching your arms and bending down if it is too tight then get a larger size. You should visit Sumissura because they offer all the plus size suits for women and ship them all over the world..
  4. Don’t mix two- three patterns: don’t wear different patterns; if your shirt has polka dots then your pants should also have polka dots and your jacket should have some other pattern, or your suit and pant should have the same pattern, and your blouse should have a different pattern but in no case should all three of your outfits have different designs or you will look like a mess. Try to look hot and not a mess.
  5. Choose the cloth of your suit wisely:the most important thing about your suit is its cloth, the fabric of a good suit must be breathable, it should not suffocate you rather it should keep your body temperature even and should not trap heat inside it. There are six cloth options from which you can choose from; polyester, linen, silk, cashmere, Cotton, and wool- all these clothes have different specifications and are unique in themselves. Polyester is generally used for suits; because it is synthetic, polyester retains heat and can get wrinkled, but some polyester suits have a glossy shine. Silk has a luxurious shine is, it is soft and beautiful, but it doesn’t necessarily appeal to all women. Linen and Cotton are an excellent choice for summer, but cotton and linen suits get wrinkled very easily. Cashmere is the king of all fabrics but it is also very pricy (as kings are), so it’s a one-time pricy investment. Wool is versatile and pricy; original wool is warm and ideal for winters however synthetic wool can be worn in summers. Always check the label on the suits before buying to make sure of the mixture of the fabric. You can get fabric options as sumissura.com.
  6. Skirts are not necessary:earlier only skirts were worn below the suits, but now you can get matching pants with them. You can still wear skirts but if you want something comfortable you can always go for pants, or you can buy both and wear them alternatively.

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