Tips for Buying Your First Diamond Earrings

Besides shiny diamond engagement rings, earrings studded with diamonds are one of a woman’s dream jewelry pieces. These pieces are classic and complement any outfit, from dresses to casual attire. If you decide to buy your first diamond earrings set, you need to know a few things to get your money’s worth. 

India has a diamond mine that produces some of the world’s most rare pieces like Panna, Bunsput, Manik, and Motichul. The diamond sales in India declined by 2.5 percent last year due to the goods and services tax. Despite this, many Indians, particularly women, still purchase this precious gem, as it is part of their culture. 

Importance of Jewelry to Indian Women 

Many Indian women, despite their social status, possess jewelry pieces as a symbol of power and wealth. Indian women also invest in precious stones and gems like diamonds. In times of financial crisis, women can pawn diamonds to get cash. 

Aside from buying diamond earrings for themselves, Indian women also receive gifts from their husbands or father during special occasions like weddings. 

Tips for Buying Diamond Earrings

As a first-time buyer, you need to know that the price of diamonds depends on different factors such as carats, carat weight, shape, color, clarity, and hardware. 

  • Shape

There are ten diamond shapes you can choose from, but the most famous is the round cut. The round cut comprises 75 percent of overall diamond sales in the world. For an illusion of a bigger diamond size, you can choose the oval or brilliant cut. For a unique dimension, you can opt for pearl diamond shape. It is elongated and possesses a good symmetry. 

  • Carat Weight

The carat weight is the measurement of the diamond. Each carat has 100 points, which allow precise measurement of how much the diamond weighs. The most expensive earring will have more carats; however, standard weight ranges from .05 carats to 1.25 carats. The average price a 1-carat diamond earring set is INR 428,169 or $6,000. 

  • Color

The clear, white diamond is the typical variant in the market. However, there are other colors, which are surprisingly more expensive. Rare diamonds are in colors pink, yellow, red, and green. India has excellent mining sites that discover rare diamonds, such as the Tavernier Blue and Koh-i-Noor

  • Clarity 

Excellent polish grade means a more expensive price tag. Clarity refers to the perfection of the surface cut of diamonds, which determines whether the gem has blemishes or not. Avoid buying earrings with poor clarity lower than I1, because these are bad diamonds. 

Take note that diamonds should refract and disperse light, so it shines brightly. If it only reflects light, then it is not a good one.

  • Hardware

In shopping for diamond earrings, also choose for the hardware. It can be gold, white gold, rose gold, and others. The most common hardware for diamonds is white gold and gold, as it complements the white stone. 

When shopping for diamond earrings, consider the following factors to get high-quality pieces. Make sure you are also buying from a reliable jewelry store to get only authentic diamonds.

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