The Amazing Versatility of Botox

Versatility of Botox

There are a lot of things about Botox that people tend to overlook. It’s natural that not all information about it is widespread among the public, so some very interesting facts are hardly known.

And while we continue to discuss Botox as it grows bigger and bigger, with every new piece of research and development, there are some very interesting facts about it that you ought to know. One of these is the versatility of Botox and how it sports a wide array of usage. We’ve already discussed all the areas that Botox can be to de-age skin, smooth out wrinkles and restore vibrancy and youth to the skin.

But what about all those usages that don’t have much to do with beauty and skin care. Yes, believe it or not Botox is currently being researched and tested to see what other applications there are for the substance. And while thorough research is being done, you’d be surprised to hear that there are already some amazing uses for Botox outside of the usual de-aging to wrinkle smoothing. 

Ongoing Research

But while these treatments are still in their early phases of research and development, the standard usage for Botox is still for skin care. Luckily, nowadays it’s easy to come across treatments that utilize Botox NYC and other major metropolitan areas being large epicenters of clinic which offer it.

While the other treatments listed above are not something you can find in the clinic, or most clinics, at this point, Botox for skin care is still in great abundance.

But the other treatments are still undergoing tons of testing, but with all the positive results that have been reached so far, it’s safe to say that we can see Botox being used in more areas than just the beauty industry in the near future.

A New Way to Fight Arthritis

In case you’ve never heard of arthritis or simply aren’t old enough to have it yet; it’s a condition which affects many people all across the globe. You probably already are aware that humans have an expiration date as with anything else in this world. And as time goes on, the pressure that we’ve built up in our bones and joints gets to a certain level that is unbearable.

So, any time you move around, you feel a sharp pain in your joints, which is a huge problem, as it hampers freedom of movement. This widespread condition has limited movement and usage of limbs of millions of people across the globe. There have been many possible solutions, but none of them have shown long lasting results except for a few. 

And Botox has been tested for some time now to see if it can possibly mitigate some of the pain that comes from arthritis. As you already know, Botox has the ability to soothe and numb the parts of the body where it’s injected. When injected, it soothes the area and blocks the nerves from sending the sensation of pain to the brain. Simply put; Botox blocks the pain from reaching the brain and being felt. 

Upon injection, patients reported that they regained 50% of their limb maneuverability and usage, which are great statistics for people who suffer quite a bit from the pains of arthritis. However, considerable research is still being done on the possible solution, so it’s really hard to tell the full effectiveness of treatment. But considering the positive results that researchers have come upon, the future looks quite promising for Botox as a treatment for arthritis related pains.

Migraines No More

Another very widespread condition among millions across the world are migraines, very painful headaches, the cause of which is not yet known to the medical world. But what is known is that it’s quite bothersome and can ruin your perfectly fine day with a good dosage of pain.

There are many different treatments available for migraines, from medication to special scalp massages. But there hasn’t been one definitive treatment which completely gets rid of migraines. And again, Botox has been one of the prospective solutions being developed as we speak.

It’s crazy to think how it’s numbing abilities can offer such a wide range of usage. And not unlike the treatment for arthritis, Botox is injected into certain parts of the head and neck. While you may be put off by the sound of a head injection, do keep in mind that there are plenty of other treatments, even those outside of the beauty industry, which utilize injections to the head. 

When injected, the Botox keeps the neurotransmitters responsible for transporting the sensation of pain, thereby stopping the migraines from being felt. And again, just like the arthritis treatment, Botox has shown some promising results, as migraines subside for some time following the injection, with patients saying they felt significantly less pain.

Considering the complex nature of migraines and the lack of insight doctors have into its sources, it’s hard to say if this is a perfect solution for the condition, but it is one that offers a lot of potential. And again, it’s still going through a lot of research before becoming a fully realized and approved treatment of migraines.

Twitchy Eye

Because of lack of sleep or many other reasons, sometimes we get a twitchy eye, where the muscles of the eyelid keep stuttering. This sometimes happens to us and it’s a minor nuisance. But for some people, this is a serious disorder, as it happens quite regularly and is more than just a little annoying.

By injecting Botox, the muscles are soothed and the twitchiness of the muscles subsides, leaving them much calmer and stable. This treatment is actually used quite often nowadays and is constantly expanding to treat other parts of the body with similar problems.

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