Styling Tips to Always Look Elegant When Leaving the House

Styling Tips

Getting dressed each day is one of the most personal decisions you make, but it can also be one of the most challenging. After all, you want to step out each day looking like the best, most authentic version of yourself, but sometimes that can be too much to consider in the morning rush. 

However, there are strategies and tactics you can use when curating your wardrobe to ensure that you have the items that you need to always have fantastic ensembles at the ready. 

From the importance of well-fitting clothes to the power of a designer belt, read on for the essential styling tips you need to know to always look elegant when leaving the house.

1. Invest in quality pieces in neutral colours. 

One of the most effective strategies for ensuring that you always have an elegant outfit ready to go is to invest in high-quality pieces in neutral colours, including black, white, navy, and grey

In addition, having a collection of classic, tailored pieces (such as blazers, blouses, trousers, and skirts) that can easily be mixed and matched is a great way to help you look put together and elegant each time you leave the house without requiring too much effort.

Neutral colours are recommended because they are versatile and timeless, meaning you can wear them in various ways for many years to come. This helps you curate a wardrobe that works well for your style and lifestyle and allows you to find your own personal style

What’s more, when you purchase high-quality, well-tailored pieces, you can expect to keep them for years to come so that you don’t have to repurchase similar items over and over again. This helps to balance out the initial cost of investing in well-made garments.

2. Focus on fit. 

The most elegant women in the world know that the key to always looking stylish is to focus less on what you wear and more on how you wear it. The right pieces for you are going to be the ones that fit you perfectly. In fact, how pieces fit you is what is going to make or break your overall look

However, it can be challenging to find clothes that fit right, particularly because sizing and cut often vary widely by brand and store. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you look to have pieces tailored to your dimensions

While it is always recommended to purchase the highest-quality pieces possible for you, tailoring can make all garments look significantly better – regardless of where they were bought or how much they cost. 

Additionally, you may want to opt for made-to-measure dresses and other customised pieces, as these are the best way to ensure that the garments hanging in your wardrobe are specifically made for you. More and more women are embracing made-to-measure pieces as the quality, craftsmanship, and details in these items are a sure-fire way to always look elegant

3. Shop from boutique designers. 

The most elegant clothing isn’t mass-produced; instead, it is designed with care by independent designers who take pride in every aspect of the clothing they make. 

From the materials used to the cut of the pieces, these clothes are created with elegant women in mind so that you can wear them on-the-go, from day to night. When you buy pieces from these designers, you can be assured that love and care have gone into the creation of each piece

Moreover, boutique designers use higher-quality materials which is beneficial for both your wardrobe, wallet and the planet. By utilizing more sustainable materials, you can be assured that your garments will last longer and have a reduced impact on the environment

Shopping from boutique designers is a fantastic way to support your local economy and celebrate small creatives. This way, you will not only feel confident in the quality of your pieces and how they look but also in the way they align with your values. 

4. Accessories elevate a look. 

In addition to the clothing items you wear, you also want to focus on curating a collection of timeless accessories that can add interest to your outfits. Belts, handbags, shoes, and jewellery all play an integral role in creating an elegant and stylish outfit and should be considered just as much as other clothing items. 

That being said, you don’t want to go overboard on accessories. Instead, you want to follow the ‘less is more’ philosophy and have simple, understated pieces that you can wear with many different looks. 

For jewellery, these pieces may include gold hoop earrings, a classic pendant necklace, or a timeless watch. You also can never go wrong with pearls or dainty diamonds. For special events, stick to one statement piece and stay simple with the rest of the look. 

You can never go wrong with neutral colours in classic shapes when it comes to bags and shoes. A high-quality structured bag can go from day to night, especially in colours such as tan, navy, or black. For events, stick with black or navy with some simple embellishments. The best shoe closets have a mix of classic styles that you can always reach for and a couple of ‘fun’ pairs that can add spice to your outfits.

Final Thoughts 

Having said all of this, the most important thing to remember is that elegance is a lifestyle – not an outfit – but it is important to wear garments that make you feel like your best self

In addition, a crucial part of looking elegant each day is feeling confident even if you have to fake it until you make it. So, pull your shoulders back, keep your head high, make eye contact when talking

What do you think are the most critical styling tips for always looking elegant when leaving the house? What strategies do you use for getting dressed each day? 


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