When Searching for the Ideal Plus Size Lingerie

Wearing stylish, intimate apparel made from delicate materials can make women feel sexy, beautiful, and confident. It is not surprising that these effects are experienced by many as the lingerie industry is still steadily growing globally.

While a majority of intimate wear brands continue to target slender women, many manufacturers are coming out with more plus size intimate apparel options for full-figured women. The growing plus-size market allows full-figured women to wear sophisticated and flattering lingerie that boosts their self-image.

If you are looking for the ideal plus size lingerie that will make you feel strikingly beautiful from the inside out, make sure to consider the following factors. 


When looking for plus size intimate apparel, your first consideration should be the overall level of support provided by the lingerie. Make sure that the item has a supportive bra that lifts and securely holds your breasts even if you continue moving. 

Instead of opting for support-free dainty pieces, find one with underwire, side backing, adjustable straps, and other essential support features. How can you feel lovely and confident if your bosom is sagging uncomfortably? 


It is practically impossible to feel gorgeous and sexy if the lingerie you are wearing is a size too small or too big. It would be best if you found intimate wear that fits your body perfectly. 

Rather than guessing your size, it is still best to try on the piece you are eyeing to see how it looks on you. Check how you look in the mirror from all angles. If the lingerie looks good and feels right, then it does not matter what the size says on the label.


Choose a style that flatters your body shape without sacrificing comfort. Many plus size nighties are designed to accentuate your assets and keep the attention away from areas that make you insecure. 

For instance, you can choose a corset-type piece if you have a full middle body to give your figure a slimmer silhouette. If you are going after a daintier and more feminine look, you can choose a floral lace baby doll lingerie with maximum support in the breast area. 


Another essential factor that you need to consider when shopping for plus size intimate apparel is the type of fabric used. You can opt for lace and silk if you want to exude a sexy vibe. Just make sure that the item has the necessary support features to support your chest area. Look also for support slings and broader straps to counter the material’s sensitivity. 

If you are after creating a slimmer silhouette, you can choose materials with shaping capabilities. You can also try different breathable fabrics that create smooth lines and flatten the figure.

Personal Preference

While you try to follow the many tips in finding the ideal lingerie, you must not lose your personality in the process. Shopping for intimate wear should be exciting and fun, so do not be afraid to experiment and look for your own style. Keep in mind that, ultimately, it is who you will make the intimate wear sexy and attractive.

Unlike decades ago, curvaceous ladies like you currently have more options when it comes to plus size lingerie. Nonetheless, having a wide selection does not automatically mean that everything is right for you. Take the time to consider the factors above so you can find the ideal intimate wear that will bring out the best in you.

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