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Just the Right Fit in Saree Blouse: A Guide to the Right One

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Sarees are the adorbs of the fashion world that can be draped in either of the two extremes: modern and old. The agility of sarees to mold into any fashion trend, form, and outlook makes it all the more evergreen clothes for posterity. This ageless piece of garment has evolved over the years to have become a fashion classic.

However, it would be seemingly preposterous to deny that the contribution of a blouse is equally essential to complete the aesthetic exoticness of the saree. It needed the right fit blouse for both comfort and class.

But what to do when you struggle to find the right size? Or that perfect cut and design to be in contrast with the saree, making a statement? Therefore, here is a list of tips to help you through: –

The Cut and Crease

In relevance to the saree donned and your expectations, there might be a type of blouse you prefer, like a turtleneck, V-neck or sleeveless. The way that you want the blouse to be fitted in depends on the stitching of the blouse.

Therefore, you can either go for readymade ones or stitch a new one according to your designs by avouching a tailoring service. Apart from the style, the most critical factor is the choice to cover every part of your chest. Keep in mind that an increasingly tighter or uncomprehendingly loose blouse will only piss off your entire look.

Body Type

Do not be washed and blinded by what image you see on the internet of some public personalities and get insecure with your own body. People often opt for a specific type of clothes and size only because their public icon prefers it. Your body type is different from others; kindly choose what fits you and do not direct your choices on such vague ideas.

While wearing what suits your body type is essential, your confidence is drawn from what you find comfortable and appeasing, irrespective of how you are perceived.

Do try the blouse beforehand and see if you find it comfortably appealing.

Match the Saree

The blouse you wear has to go along the saree you want to pair it with. Sarees do have a part where there is a blouse piece attached. All you have to do is get the parts cut and stitch a blouse out of it by giving it to a tailor.

Or else, you can buy readymade ones that suit the cut, design, embroidery, color, texture, and divinity of the saree.

Tips for tailoring the blouse:

Always ask for extra margins in case of alterations needed in the future- some fasteners if you want to fix the straps of your bras, proper discussion over the length of the neckline and armhole fit, and putting up what you desire, communicating clearly with the tailor.

While unconventional methods are not uncommon to pop up from nowhere and be the new trend, it is advisable to stick to some classics, like patterned or dotted blouses, golden, black and white, silver and ivory-colored blouses if you are unsure of what to opt for.

Practicality over Trend

While following the trends might sound alluring, it can last for not long enough to be drowned in a new direction soon. Ultimately, what you buy solely based on the current fad will last only till the trend does. For the long run, it is better to use wits over whims.

Begin by choosing the fabric that would go with the current climate and season as some cloth types will not be appropriate with weather conditions. Look for some sections that are generalized so that they can go with almost any casual occasion.

If you happen to go for tailored clothes, which you should as tailoring your blouse can guarantee you the right size and perfect fit blouse, why not opt for the best online tailoring services? The precision of the blouse will be guaranteed, along with the quality assurance by various available online tailors in Bangalore.

The enthusiasm of online tailoring allows you to make it possible to avail the services of providing measurements, designs and receiving the delivery from the comfort of your homes.


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