Planning Your Wedding During The Covid-19 Crisis

Every year, there are between 1 0 and 12 million weddings in India. These beautiful celebrations are often extravagant, colourful and grand. They can also cost a lot of money — in fact, many families begin saving for their children’s weddings as soon as they are born. There have been estimates that ⅕ of a person’s income is spent on funding that one special wedding.  Planning and saving for an upcoming wedding during Covid-19 pandemic may have been difficult, but the lockdown restrictions are lifting and you can begin considering your wedding again.

Double check your venue selection 

The venue is extremely important when it comes to having an Indian wedding, especially if you need to accommodate a lot of guests. Firstly you should consider whether you actually need a large venue still, as you may find that you have family members that are staying isolated. It is also worth considering that there may still be restrictions in place with regards to  the number of people that are allowed to attend your wedding. If you are still going to use your original venue, make sure they are still able to host large functions and ask how they can help with  planning your wedding celebration in terms of getting in touch with suppliers and vendors.

Organising clothing

Before your wedding, organise your   lehenga or wedding sari with plenty of time to go — you may find that this is best to order your dress online. You should also consider the time that it will take to make any necessary adjustments to your dress. If your wedding is being celebrated over several days, you may need to purchase several different sets of clothes in advance. Many bridal stores are offering online tours so that you can get a good idea of the dresses before you purchase them.   

Budgeting for your wedding

When the financial climate is so uncertain, you might want to rethink your budget, to preserve some savings. Sit down together and discuss which  elements of your wedding that are too important to change. You should then decide whether you can make alternative arrangements for any parts of your wedding that will help to stretch the budget more. Work out costings accurately is important so that you don’t overspend.  
Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. While you may need to make changes to your original plans, it can still be a true celebration of your love.

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