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Make Heads Turn with These Pendants for Women.

Women need no particular reason to shine. The enchantment of love, dedication, and autonomy gives several reasons to rejoice. Pendants for women allow them to radiate all year. Whether it’s her big day or a joyful occasion, the diamond around her neck attracts attention. Most women find it hard to find the right neckline to go with their pendants. It may be challenging to coordinate your neckpiece with the neckline of your outfit. But if you adhere to a few rules, you can win the pairing game and become the most attractive guest at the ball. 

Thus, we have compiled a selection of the top pendants for women designs from Mia by Tanishq’s broad range. The even better news is that these pendants are available at a broad range of pricing and have flawless designs. Here you can find a vast collection of pendants for women.

14kt White-Rose Gold Dazzle Me How Diamond Pendant


With these dazzling diamonds gracing your neckline, you will appear brilliant and regal. These pendants for women comprise small diamonds that are all prong-set in a square shape. In addition, slightly bigger diamonds are put around the square form, giving the jewellery a magnificent appearance. Wear this item when you want to create a significant impact with your fashion sense. Compatible with nearly all western workwear.

14kt Yellow-White-Rose Friends Of Bride Pendant With Oval Design


This 14K gold pendants for women contains three interlaced oval pieces that are highlighted by seven round brilliant cut diamonds with an I2-I-J colour range and I2-I clarity. While the first oval element in yellow gold is embellished with gold beads, the second element has a crescent element that is partially rhodium-plated and encrusted with diamonds. Additionally, the third oval part is rhodium-plated. A chain may easily pass through this pendant’s void, as it has been well polished. Wear it with your exquisite business dress to stay fashionable in the workplace.

14kt Yellow Gold Pendant With a Stylised Circular Design


When it comes to festival attire and accessories, their range of contemporary pendants for women adds a splash of colour to your ensemble. This pendant is made of 14K yellow gold and has two stylised spiral designs with openwork. The smaller swirl design is rhodium-plated and overlaid over the more prominent swirl pattern made of yellow gold. Two curved loops on the rear of the pendant make it easy for a chain to slide through. The pendant’s highly-polished gloss makes it seem gorgeous.

18kt Yellow Gold Pendant to Your Special One


Pendants for women by Mia by Tanishq is handcrafted with care by expert artisans and will make a fashion statement. This yellow and white pendant from 14-karat gold is also an ideal present for your loved ones. The pendant is adorned with IJ-colored, SI2-clarity diamonds, which speak the language of sophistication.

Mia Imperial Blue 14kt Rose Gold Virgo Birthstone Pendant


Give your significant other your affection by giving her with this rose gold pendant from Mia by Tanishq. It is a royal piece of 14-karat gold that goes well with the humble Virgo. It has a synthetic sapphire-like stone; a birthstone said to protect against jealousy. It depicts the second-largest constellation, with a maiden in its rear. The delicate pattern of the rose gold pendant represents Virgo, the second most prominent constellation.

Beautiful Pendants from Mia by Tanishq

We cannot imagine a way to make you fall in love with these exquisitely lovely pendants. On the list are necklaces made to imitate diamonds and gold because of their intrinsic beauty. They offer splendour and happiness. When mounted in platinum or gold, diamonds create stunning visual effects. At least one of these pendants should be owned by each woman. Mia by Tanishq is a famous jewellery producer and designer, so you can rely on the necklace’s high quality.

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