How To Use Flat irons Without Damaging Your Hair?

Flat irons


Does applying the heat devices on your hair scare you? Well it is a natural thing to be wary of, but with proper measures you can enjoy some sleek hairstyles with the best flat irons available in the hood. You certainly need an alert mind and some measures to make sure that your hair naturally gains strength and nourishment after the styles have served their purpose. Here is a quick guide to enable you to use the hair straightening irons, without any sort of damage to your hair.

After the use of heat styling devices, people usually complain about the following cases:

  • Hair thinning
  • Hair fall
  • Breaking or brittle hair texture due to weak hair strands
  • Flyaways and frizz, split ends and wiry hair strands

So solve these and other major conflicts between your hair strands and the heat styling devices, for enhanced care and sensitive measures of hair care. Now look at the steps to follow in order to arrive at wearing your hair straight and flowing down.

  • Start fresh with a shower, use shampoo and moisturising hair conditioners. Pat and wrap a dry towel to get them dry. Wait until your hair is 98% dry.
  • You can make use of a hair blower to drive out the remaining moisture. Until your hair is bone dry do not apply the flat iron to your hair. 
  • Comb your hair with a wide toothed comb and then use a brush to solve the tangles, 
  • Now comes the turn to spray in the heat protectant for advanced safety against frying up your hair in the process of hair straightening. If you are not sure that the heat protectant has actually covered every hair strand, spray it on the brush bristles and glide it along the detangled hair.
  • For hassle free hair straightening, use some clips to section out hair. Then hold them tight to place them between the hot flat iron plates and starting from close to the scalp, shut the plates in and glide smoothly. You have straight hair right away, if not fully done, repeat the procedure.
  • It is recommended to begin with lower temperature and then move up the scale. This could be tedious if you have long hair but poses less damage to the healthy hair strands. Thin hair types specially need to consider this (safe at 300-350 degrees). For strong and thick hair types, the temperature can reach up to 400-450 degrees.

Also the perfect tip is to pick the best flat irons in India that have automatic shut down feature upon reaching high temperature, with multiple temperature markings to safely choose the range that matches your hair type. For better results, take good care of your hair with regular head massages, hair masks, keratin and oil infused products to combat hair fall and add strength to your scalp, hair strands. Take it as a rule of thumb to never style your hair with hot irons when any sort of moisture is present, the odds will be against you with more damage, as more time is spent to redo the straightening with moisture infested hair.

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