How to place a bet on an online cricket league

online cricket league

Cricket-a basic introduction 

Cricket is not a sport but an emotion to many people. It is a game of bat and ball where nations worldwide compete in many leagues and cups. People are crazy about this sport and have a strong passion for it. So, if you are good at predicting the outcome, brought a fascinating opportunity for you. Here you can provide a live bet. So, if you want to try your luck, then there is no other option as good as

How is cricket played? 

It is a game of two teams. Each team is of 11 members. Toss of the coin will decide which team will bat, and the other will automatically ball. Two batsmen of the batting team at the same time will come to bat. One will be the striker, and the other is the runner.

The rule is pretty basic the baler will try to hit the wicket with the ball, and the batsman has to defend that ball. If he hits the boundary without touching the ground, it is six, and if it touches the ground, it is four. There is also an option run by running between the wickets by that two batsmen.

Now, if the batsman hits the ball and someone catches the ball or hits the wickets directly or touches the player, it is considered out. And that batsman has to leave the field. Also, if that batsman tries to block the wickets by its body, he can be taken out by leg before the wicket. So if you want to have a real-time sports experience,  is the best option.

Format of cricket

There are three formats in which cricket is played.

  • Test match– It is a four innings match that can last upto five days. This test match is of 90 over are to be balled in one day.
  • One day international (ODI) – It is a game of the one-day game. Each team gets ball and bat for 50 overs.
  • Twenty20 international- Here both team gets 20 overs to ball and bat. It is significantly less time-consuming.

In all the above cases, if the match gets tie, there are many ways to conclude. It is to be noted that the umpire’s decision is taken to the ultimate decision, but if the captain thinks it unfair, he can call for review for a limited time. Just visit  and make a lot of money.

Some pro tips for winning the bet

You should critically analyze the player and the game. The player with the current suitable format is most likely to win the game. The pitch and the wind also can change the course of the match. So if you want to win, you have to have a proper understanding of this game.

Final thought provides an opportunity to bet and have a proper statistical analysis of the game. is a very reliable app, and one who plays can have full assurance of the payment. Moreover, it provides a real-live match watching at stadium experience.


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