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How to Impress Your Airbnb Guests With an Airbnb House Manual


When you’re just getting started as a vacation rental host, creating a successful Airbnb house manual template may seem difficult. Although it may take some time to perfect this phase, each booking will boost your Airbnb business.

A house handbook serves as a guide for visitors arriving at your Airbnb rental. It is a necessary component of any professional host’s arsenal because it checks off so many boxes. Not only does it convey critical information about your property and the surrounding area to guests, but it can also make them feel unique, resulting in more 5-star ratings.

What a House Manual for Airbnb Is and Isn’t

An Airbnb home manual serves as a conduit between you and your guests. It informs them of everything they need to know about your home as if you were personally giving them a tour.

There are numerous things included in an Airbnb house handbook template. It is frequently confused with the house rules, welcome letter, or check-in instructions, but a well-written house handbook includes all of these and more.

It should contain all of the information necessary to assist your guests in settling in, becoming acquainted with the amenities of your accommodation, and being acquainted with their surroundings.

Continue reading to ensure that your Airbnb house handbook template does not overlook anything.

A comprehensive and well-thought-out Airbnb house manual is critical to ensuring that guests feel at ease. It will alleviate any anxiety or confusion associated with settling into an unfamiliar location and can provide guests with insider tips on how to make the most of their visit.

Your house handbook template should include the following sections:

1. Greet and acclimate your guest

This section contains all of the necessary information for getting your guests through the door. The greeting area contributes to the initial impression your guests will have of you. It is critical to ensure that this information is succinct and precise to avoid miscommunication.

  • A letter of introduction

Each Airbnb house handbook should begin with an enthusiastic welcome letter. This is a letter you will send to your guests, welcoming them to your Airbnb property and wishing them a wonderful stay. You can keep it short or include other components such as crucial check-in instructions or house rules.

A welcome letter is a wonderful approach to establishing a more personal relationship with your guests, particularly if you allow self-check-in. Maintaining positive interactions with your guests will increase their likelihood of leaving 5-star evaluations.

  • Check-in hours and procedures
  • Access codes and instructions for unlocking
  • Wireless network password
  • Contact information in case of an emergency

2. Sightseeing and recreational activities

Most likely, the travelers staying in your Airbnb have never been to the area before. Incorporating recommendations for things to do in the area into your template will enhance the guest experience, resulting in more glowing reviews and repeat bookings.

Here are some recommendations for your house manual:

  • Information on local transportation
  • Recommendations for restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops
  • Events
  • Shopping locations
  • Attractions and amusements
  • Spas, nail salons, and hair salons
  • Fitness centers, gyms, and hiking paths

3. Acclimating to your home

After investing time and money in fully outfitting your rental property, it’s critical to ensure that your guests understand how everything works.

  • Household regulations

House regulations are not intended to stifle enjoyment. They provide clear boundaries that safeguard both you and your guests from loss, harm, and injury.

Among the points your house rules should cover are the following:

  • Whether guests are permitted to smoke in your home
  • When quiet hours are observed
  • Whether or not pets are permitted on your home
  • Under what circumstances are uninvited guests permitted in your rental?

Lodgable has a comprehensive guide to establishing your house rules is available by clicking here.

  • Instructions for the appliance

When you’re unfamiliar with the various appliances in your home, it might be challenging to figure out how to use them for the first time. Leaving clear instructions on how to use them will help guests feel more at ease.

These instructions do not need to cover every function available on the system; rather, they should focus on the quickest and easiest ways to accomplish the task.

Among the appliances that will require instructions are the following:

  • The espresso machine
  • The ac
  • Laundry machine
  • The washing machines
  • The hot water tank.

4. Bidding farewell

When it’s time to depart, including critical check-out information in your house manual can guarantee that each guest has a happy departure.

  • Instructions for check-out

Your home manual is the ideal place to assist your guests with the check-out process. This will ensure that your Airbnb is left in the condition you desire.

Remind your guests to check to ensure they haven’t forgotten anything. Communicate clearly where the keys should be left, which light and appliance switches to leave on and off, and which windows and doors to close.

Provide guests with a digital version of your handbook in advance

Sending the handbook in advance of your visitors’ arrival establishes a professional image for you and demonstrates your foresight. Sending a digital version in the form of a pdf document that guests can download benefits both you and your guests.

Make a print copy of the manual available at your Airbnb property.

There is undeniable value in providing guests with both print and digital pdf versions of your house manual.

Guests can receive the pdf version to download and read on their smartphone or laptop. Meanwhile, a print version can be kept on-site for visitors’ use during their stay.

While it may cost a little more, it is worth it to ensure that your printed version is also of high quality and laminated, and bound for added longevity.


A house manual is a vital part of providing a competent hosting service to visitors. It can assist in retaining guests and sharing information with their friends.

Thus, while this may need some initial attention, the rewards to your firm will make you pleased you made the effort today.

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