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How to Choose Your Perfect Swimsuit

How to Choose Your Perfect Swimsuit

Everybody can have a beach body. All you need to do is take your body to your favorite beach.

People tend to worry too much about their appearance when summer comes along. They start exercising and dieting for one simple reason, to look good in a swimsuit. Just before you realize that it’s a little bit too late for you to build a perfect body for the summer, we are here to help you.

You don’t need to change your body to look good or miss some summertime fun. We strongly believe that the key to a perfect look and a careless summer lies in your bikini choice.

Living in an era when everything is considered fashionable and there are endless choices of swimwear you can surely find your perfect match. We suggest you look to take a look at our recommendations on how to choose a perfect swimsuit brand for your body and not give up the search until you are fully satisfied. Good luck!

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Make your own Combination

The problem with bikini suits is that they are pre-paired. Therefore, we suggest you buy your bikini from a store where you are allowed to combine different parts. Your bottom and top are probably going to be a different size. Also, when you’re buying a bikini it’s advisable to try them on. Try different sizes of the same style and try different styles in order to find out what suits your body.

Don’t go for the Designs

It doesn’t matter how good the design or the model is if it doesn’t fit you well. The most beautiful pair of bikini is the one that suits your body type. You can always add some cool accessories like a wide-brimmed fancy hat or a colorful beach scarf to complete the look.

If you’re insecure about your body, then you should choose a one color swimsuit and pair it with a cool oversized shirt or a big scarf with fancy details. Your casual look will make you more comfortable with all the attention placed on the details, not the swimsuit.

Choosing one-piece Swimsuit

A one-piece swimsuit will make you feel very comfortable. Moreover, it covers your whole torso and it shows a very modest appearance. If you’re a swimming type this is the perfect choice for you. Also, for those with sensitive skin, sunburns are easily avoided if a bigger part of your body is covered.

There is a wide variety of styles for one piece swimsuits and they can look very chic and stylish:

  •    Go with deep V neck if you have a small chest
  •    Go with a low back to show off your back
  •    One strap, no straps or side and front cuts for a fancier look

Choosing a Top


Choosing one-piece Swimsuit


  1.    Smaller chest – embellishments or a push-up top.
  2.    Bigger chest – cup sizes and underwired tops will offer good support. Don’t wear a strapless top
  3.    Broad shoulders – choose a bra-looking top with straps. Avoid non-strap tops as they accent your shoulders even more.  Halter straps tops are also to be avoided.

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Choosing a Bottom

  1.    Tick bottom – choose a bottom with enough fabric and a good covering model. Solid one-color bottoms and colorful bottoms will make a good balance for your body. Avoid Brazilian style bottoms.
  2.    Love handles – everybody hates love handles but they are the easiest to cover. High-waist bottoms are great for covering and at the same time, they’re very trendy. Moreover, they always emphasize the hourglass shape.
  3.    Short torso – the solution here is the low-rise bottom. To make your torso appear longer pair the low bottom with a halter straps top.
  4.    Wide hips – the key to masking very wide hips is to try balancing out the shoulders and the hips. Choose a good coverage bottom and emphasize your shoulders by choosing an off-the-shoulders top with fabric-made embellishments

We hope that you’ll use our bits of advice and find the best piece for you this summer. There is a perfect model on the market for everyone!

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