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How to apply face primers.

face primer

We don’t want smudged makeup after spending hours on it. It is a fact that the makeup will not be able to last without a good primer. Every makeup artist recommends a primer, and it works as a base where your makeup stays as a solid foundation. A Face Primer diligently protects your face from the harsh chemicals which are prevalent in the makeup items you are using.

Following are the steps to apply a face primer-

1. Figure out your skin type

Face primers contain different ingredients and textures that work better with different skin types. First, you should wash your face with a cleanser and gauge how your skin feels after 15-20 minutes. If your face feels oily, try for a matte primer. Matte primers have salicylic acid and absorb excess oil and if it feels dry, use a gel-based primer.

 2. Check if your foundation is oil-based or water-based.

You should choose a primer with the same base as your foundation, so they do not repel each other. When you buy a primer from the market, you should ask for a sample and try some on your hand. Once it becomes dry, you should apply a little of your foundation, and if it goes smoothly, both these can work together well on your skin.

 3. Prep your face

Before you begin covering your skin with makeup, removing all the dirt and impurities from your face is extremely important. You apply primer and makeup with your fingers. Hence it is also essential to keep them clean as well. Having dirty hands could ruin your makeup.

 4. Apply moisturizer

Primer can never replace a moisturizer, and you should not skip applying it as it nourishes your skin and keeps it healthy. Some primers tend to have moisturizing properties, and their primary purpose is to make the foundation last on your skin. It would help to allow the moisturizer to sink in completely before applying the primer. If the skin feels dewy after using it, it is recommended to wait a few more minutes for it to be absorbed into your skin.

 5. Applying the primer

You should dab the foundation first on your face and neck and ensure that it is appropriate, as using too much of it can cause it to clump. Next, you should apply the face primer to the centre of your visage and use it gently in circular motions to blend it a little outwards. The face primer should be compatible with your skin.

While applying the primer on your skin, the motion should be similar to the one when you apply moisturizer. To get smooth & even coverage, you should make sure that you blend it well into your hairline. If you are not using a separate primer for your eyelids, pat the primer very carefully so that the eye makeup is not disrupted. If you want, you can also use a sponge or a brush. 

 6. Allow the primer to dry completely.

A primer takes only a few minutes to dry, and you should ensure that you don’t touch your face unless it dries completely.

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