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IPL Devices are lifesavers during the Pandemic

Laser Hair Removal At-Home Devices-Are they Safe

Laser hair removal and IPL devices have been gaining popularity for the past decade. They offer great success at removing unwanted body and facial hair permanently. Women and even men, from all walks of life, are using this treatment now more than ever.

Celebrities, actresses, models, and ordinary womenare going tolaser hair clinics to achieve spotless and radiant hair-free skin. However, with unexpected outbreak of Coronavirus professional salons are shutting their doors and appointments can be hard to get.

So how do you continue laser hair removal treatments for the salon quality har removalduringthe pandemic? Home laser hair removal devices arethe answer. All you need to do is select an FDA-approved device from a reputable store like Exobeauty & Kenzz ito get started.

The trend of laser home devices has seen a renaissance now with the pandemic. This is the case now more than ever because stay-at-home and social distancing orders demand that clinics and salons shut down operations. You can minimize the risk and you really can’t beat the convenience and cost-effectiveness of owning a laser device.

Laser Hair Removal At-Home Devices-Are they Safe?

Yes, at-home treatment devices are safe, and effective. If you follow instructions carefully, you won’t experience any side effects or burns.

It is imperative to use at-home laser devices according to instructions to get the most effective results. A few passes is always a great idea.

At-home devices are not as powerful as the professional ones, but this is a blessing in disguise. Even amateurs can safely use these IPL devices. If you’re new to at-home laser devices, then follow the instructions below:

  • Avoid using photosensitizing medication.
  • Minimize your exposure to the sun for a few weeks before you begin using the home laser hair removal device and for another two weeks after your treatment at home.
  • Consider your hair color and skin tone before selecting an IPL device.
  • If you have a very dark skin tone, it is best that you first consult a board-certified provider before you start home treatments.
  • Do a patch test before you try any new laser device at home.

Final Thoughts

Laser hair removal devices for home treatment are best for individuals with optimal hair color and complexion. It’s a great way to keep your skin smooth and silky during the pandemic. A small investment into a device can save you time and money.

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