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12 Interesting Health Benefits Of Jack Fruit- One Must Know

jack fruit

Jack fruit a.k.a “panasapandu” in Telugu is the world’s largest tree fruit, which has the largest fruit about 150 seeds as flesh, which weighs 80 pounds and sometimes up to 100 pounds, with 3 feet long. This is the biggest fruit, which is in yellow or green colour, and belongs to south India. Jack fruit is growing its popularity across world, especially in U.S, etc . Vegetarians consider it as meat, as its layer and texture is compared to shredded meat.

Jack fruit belongs to Moraceae plant family, which also includes fig, breadfruit and mulberry.  It has the sweet and fruity flavor, which are even used in desserts and other recipes. The inner seeds are roasted, cooked or grounded into flour

These fruits are grown in tropical climates; it is supplied mostly in developing countries, as it fills the hunger, who is suffering from starvation, as it contains lots of calories.

Jack fruit is the power pack house of protein, fibre and antioxidants, calcium, minerals, magnesium, vitamins, etc.,

Health benefits of jack fruit

1. Controls blood sugar levels:

Blood sugar control

Jackfruit contains fibre, protein and low glycemix index(GI), which works on the blood sugar levels without rising after meals, slows down digestion and thus prevents blood sugar spikes. Jackfruit contains flavonoid and antioxidants, which helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.

2. Prevents anemia:  

Prevents anemia


Jack fruit contains hemoglobin and iron, which are great source for blood. It prevents all the blood disorders in the body and increases blood circulation in the body.

3. Gives Good Eye-sight:

Improves eye sight

Jack fruit contains vitamin A and beta carotene, which are important nutrients for eye health. Several eye problems can be solved such as cataract, degeneration of retina, night blindness and poor eye sight can be recovered. It is given to kids and adults who suffer from poor eye sight and eye related problems.

4. Gives Instant Energy:  

instant energy

Jack fruit contain carbohydrates and proteins which gives instant energy to the body. 100 gm of jackfruit contains 94 k cal of energy, which is enough for human body to get instant energy. It is specially to given to people who starve on the account puja, festivals, etc.,

5. Improve Digestion:

Increases digestion

Jack fruits contain soluble fibre and insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre is broken down by our body, to produce energy. Insoluble fibre adds excess to the stool, helps in the free bowel movement and stool to pass freely. It protects colon, by removing the carcinogenic chemicals out of the large intestine.

6. Helps in preventing cancer:

papaya is also a good cancer fighter.

Jack fruit contains flavanoid, antioxidants, phytonutrients, which flushes out the toxins and skin free radicals. This stops tumor cells to grow up, neutralizes the DNA of cells. It also protects against colon, oral and lung cancer

7. Avoid Wrinkle and Ageing:

Skin aging

The high oxidative stress is generated in the body due to pollution. This can be eradicated by antioxidants present in the jack fruit, which destroys free radicals and toxins in the body

Jack Fruit Seed Face Pack:

  • Soak jack fruit seed in the milk for sometime
  • Make the paste of it and add some cold milk and honey
  • Apply the paste to the face and leave it for sometime
  • Change can be seen within 6 weeks

8. Maintain Blood Pressure Levels:

Treats blood pressure

 Jack fruit contain potassium, which maintains sodium level in the body. Potassium helps to maintain fluid levels to balance electrolyte. Thus it helps in maintaining high blood pressure and heart attack.

9. Fight Against Infections:

skin infections like ringworm.

Jack fruit helps from infections to the body. Jack fruit contains vitamin C, which protects body from cold, flu and other infections.

10. Strengthens bones:

bone health


Jack fruit contain magnesium, potassium and calcium which helps in bone density and strength. The potassium levels in the jack fruit stops calcium from going through kidney and thus avoids the problem of arthritis, osteoporosis.

11. Prevent Asthma:


Asthma is the respiratory problem, which most of them are facing. Jack fruit has the ability to control and prevent asthma, by flushing out the free radicals which are produced by the pollution.

Note: Consult doctors regarding the dosage of how many seeds to eat

12. Keeps thyroid level stable:

thyroid level stable

Jack fruit has the ability, to maintain and lower the thyroid levels. Jack fruit contains copper, which is important for thyroid metabolism, for hormone production and absorption. It increases thyroid metabolism and thus prevents from thyroid disorders.

Bottom line:

Jack fruit is a power pack house of vitamins, minerals and many more and also controls blood sugar. Consume it daily and make it a part of your diet. Mostly the jack fruit we find during summer season. 





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