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4 Real Hair Wigs That Can Be Customized to Get a Bob Hairdo

Real Hair Wigs That Can Be Customized to Get a Bob Hairdo

There is something about the women and men who wear bob hair wigs that scream POWER! Bob hairdos are perfect for people who want to look stunning in a jiffy. For those who don’t know, a bob hairdo makes the jawline seem sharper and the eyes bigger while delivering a youthful look.

Even though there’s no dearth of wigs online, it often becomes difficult to find human hair wigs that can be customized to get a bob hairdo. That’s why we decided to scan through the Lordhair catalog and sift out the best human hair wigs for you.

Here are the human hair wigs that can be customized to get a perfect bob hairdo without compromising realness.

Note: In addition to the bob hairdo, these wigs can be customized to acquire many other hairdos since they are completely customizable

LFW-S: Full cap wig for women (Stock)

LFW-S hair wig has been helping women make a style statement for some years now. It has a full lace cap with a 3 to 4-inch lace front with machine-made wefts and stretch lace all across the base. The lace front makes the LFW-S bob wig comfortable, lightweight and also allows the scalp to breathe.

Stretch lace, on the other hand, allows more ventilation between the hair fibers and makes the cap more comfortable. Talking about the hair, the LFW-S has 100% real human hair that looks and feels incredibly natural.

Easy to wear and take off, LFW-S is available in 4 different hair colors and has medium hair density (130% in stock). What’s amazing, the hair density can be increased as per the requirements. In short, a very nice wig for women to get that bob hairdo!

What better time to customize your own hair system!

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S6: Hair wig for men (Custom)

Who said that bob hairdos are only for women? Men also look good in a bob! The S6 hair wig is the perfect pick for men who want to experiment with a bob variation. A fully customizable toupee wig with natural-looking human hair just like LFW-S, it has a 7” x 9” German net base overlaid with a 1” PU perimeter at the front and ¼” folded German net hairline that makes the wig durable and long-lasting.

The S6 has 6 inches of long black hair that can be cut down to attain the bob hairstyle you have set your heart on. This hair wig also has a breathable top and skin front that makes it lightweight and application super easy. The S6 human hair wig for men has a CC front contour and a starting price of US$259.

S8: Bob hair wig (Custom)

The S8 by Lordhair is a great option for men who seek comfort and a hyper-realistic look. Just like the aforementioned hair wigs, it also has Indian human hair. But what makes it different is its base. It has the most innovative and practical base design constructed using French lace with a double-layered lace front and ½” of single-layered lace at the hairline.

1” poly coating on the sides and back makes it durable, undetectable, and long-lasting. With a CC front contour, this human hair wig for men has a flesh base color that gives the appearance of hair coming out of the scalp.

S8 has a 22mm medium hair wave which makes it perfect for attaining wavy bob hairstyles. With a hair length of 6” and medium-light hair density, this custom hair wig can be bought for US$259.

Neo-C: Bob human hair wig (Custom)

Our list of the best human hair wigs would be incomplete without talking about Neo-C. This wig for men also has a French lace top and a CC front contour like S8. But the thin skin perimeter makes it different by giving the appearance of hair growth with a multi-directional flow.

A great pick for mastering bob hairdos, this hair system has Indian human hair with a 30mm wave which can be customized as per requirements. Thanks to the French lace at the front, it makes this human hair wig more lightweight and comfortable than other wig constructions, especially during hot weather.

Available in natural black hair color, the Neo-C hair wig for men has wavy hair of 6 inches. This premium hair wig is available from US$289.

The specifications of these custom hair wigs are just examples of what is possible. Since they are all fully customizable, you can choose the exact features of your human hair wig.

Above are the best stock and custom hair wigs to get the perfect bob hairstyle in 2021. These premium hair replacement products are not only being used to make a style statement but also helping men and women overcome hair loss.

Since this post lists more hair wigs for men, girls can check out this collection of wigs for women to discover amazing ready-to-wear products. Please note that the wigs listed in this blog don’t come with a ready bob hairstyle. You must get it customized from the seller or your favorite stylist!




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