5 Easy DIY Storage Ideas for Your Garage

Garage Shelves

Ever had the trouble of looking for the things that you have stored in your garage or can’t seem to have enough storage space? Most households store or dump everything in their garage since it is easier that way and it is not the most visited area of our house , anyway. From tools to anything that would not fit inside the house, we store it in the garage, this results in a cluttered and crowded area which can leave no space for your car.

Creating additional storage where you can easily organize and access your stuff when you need it, must have crossed your mind, but then again, planning to hire contractors to renovate and construct would be too expensive and is not too fitting within your budget. Trending today are DIY projects, other than giving you organized and additional storage space and room for creativity it also does not compromise and stretch your budget.

Here are several Garage Shelves DIY ideas for you to choose from and do it yourself.

Wooden Shelves

Beginner on do-it-yourself projects? Wood shelves are a great start, not only is it easy to make and work with but it is the cheapest one, with this, it widens the use of vertical space which is sometimes overlooked when making storage space. This may be the cheapest, but a disadvantage for open wooden shelves is that things stored in this should always be fixed or presentable since they will be visible. Limited stuff can only be stored on this kind of shelf. Don’t forget that prepping the wood before installation will greatly help in prolonging the aesthetic of your shelf.

Enclosed Storage Shelves

Want more privacy on the things you store? Then have a go with this on your next DIY Storage project. This may be made of plastic or wood. Plastic can be advantageous in terms of moisture on long-term storage and if your area is prone to termites, unlike wood that builds up moisture, compresses, and expands depending on the weather. Even with the disadvantageous properties of wood, the ability to get creative is as cheap as its benefit. Playing on where to locate these shelves, you can create it as a hanging or just floor-to-ceiling storage. It will depend on your need and availability of space.

Metal Shelves

If you are to store heavy objects such as tools and equipment, then this might suit you better. These will, of course, cost you more than plastic or wood though, but If you can spend a bit more than your planned budget then invest in metal shelves, not only is it sturdier, it can last longer. These are most likely to be made open and not enclosed.

Worried about rust and producing stain when in contact with water? Don’t be, there are various products to avoid those. Proper application of primer- a type of paint, can help avoid the metal from rusting. Don’t want the color of the primer? Then apply a second coat for your preferred color that would also be considered second protection for your metal shelf.

Wire Shelves

This is another sturdy storage on par with the metal shelves. If you are tight on budget but want a sturdier shelf, then this might be the one you are looking for. Not only is it sturdy, but it is lighter than metal. These are great for storing gardening tools or even gallons. If you are creative enough, you can play with it when creating your shelves. These can also be repurposed, if these are not needed inside the garage then bring them inside for additional storage, preferably in the kitchen or even outside if you have additional space. The lighter it is, the easier it is to relocate it depending on your convenience.

Adjustable Shelves

Can’t decide on the height dimensions for your shelves? Then better opt with this type. Being ready to accommodate any types of belongings you have to store, adjust your shelves to their height. You can even play with it and remove some tiers or add more depending on your need and preference. This is favored since you don’t have to worry about your belongings not fitting your shelves.

Benefits of DIY Storage Shelves

A great number of homeowners always prefer having a garage. Not only is it a parking space, but it also serves as additional storage. But as time passes by it becomes a mess or disorganized and it becomes an additional problem rather than additional storage. Creating for yourself an appropriate storing space for your belongings to keep them organized and well-stored means having used the garage to its full potential.

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