Five Must-Have Men’s Shoes to Elevate Your Style

Men’s Shoes

French fashion designer Christian Louboutin once said, “A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk”. How right he was! After all, the right pair of men’s shoes can elevate your style game on any day. They can transform your body language and attitude. A pair of classy footwear is just what you need to complete your ensemble and step out with confidence. 

But how do you make this choice when there are so many options out there? The options start from boots to sneakers for men and everything in between. Well, we have done the hard work on your behalf. While there are plenty of options in men’s shoes, you need to opt for fashionable and versatile pieces that can stand you in good stead for different occasions. 

Here are the top five shoe styles that are a must-have for every man.

Leather Boots

When it comes to classy shoes, leather boots are a great choice. They look the part, but that’s not where their main attraction lies. With continued wear, these shoes acquire a character of their own, and that is where they score the most. It’s easy to dress up for a gamut of looks when you have a pair of leather boots on, be it edgy aesthetic or comfy conservative. The greatest perk of investing in a pair of high-quality leather boots is that they will last you for a long time and ensure stylish and comfortable wear throughout.


It is easy to ensure that you are on the right side of the style scale by pairing a pair of sneakers for men, like Jordans for example, with some matching Jordan tees! Whether you want to flaunt a trendy look or feel comfortable while moving around or both, sneakers can make it all happen for you with ease. Designed for the modern man who doesn’t shy away from experimenting with his footwear, sneakers give you the freedom to accentuate your fashion persona effortlessly. It is ideal for dressing up for various occasions, such as road trips, BBQ parties, ballgames, brunch, and more. What’s more, they come in an exciting range of colours and designs to suit your style and preference.


Loafers shoes for men are your key to ace the smart casual look. But don’t think that you can’t wear them when dressed up formally. Loafers can complement your ensemble as much for a formal look as for a casual look. If you want to add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, you can depend on a pair of loafers to come to your rescue. The best part is that these easy-to-slip-on shoes can liven up your look for any occasion without overwhelming your outfit. No wonder loafers shoes for men have carved out a special place for themselves in the fashion wardrobe of the modern man.


Conceived as a practical shoe, brogues have come a long way since their initial days. Today they are a top choice for anyone who wants to work up a fashionable look. These shoes stride the line between formal and casual looks with ease. You can depend on a pair of brogues in dark shades to complement your attire for a formal occasion. When it comes to a casual event or a regular day out, you can turn in favour of brogues with lighter shades to work up the perfect look. Ideally, you need to opt for shoes with less broguing to go with your formal outfits. Remember that if the broguing is more, the footwear will be better paired with your casual ensembles.


Oxford shoes are the unbeaten champion of nailing a formal ensemble. They are a sophisticated pair of footwear, often enriched with intricate detailing. The right Oxfords can easily take your fashion game to the next level and make you stand out from the crowd. While a pair of black Oxford shoes can be a great choice when dressing up for any formal event, you can experiment with other colours. It is easy to rock any formal event when you have a pair of Oxfords at your disposal. So, whether it is a board meeting or a wedding party, you can safely opt for this pair of shoes to elevate your style statement while ensuring complete comfort and elegance. 

To Wrap

No one can deny that shoes can make or break your look. If you go wrong with your choice of shoes, it can throw off your entire look. But with the options mentioned above, you can be in safe hands. These shoes can see you through most formal and casual occasions and ensembles. If you haven’t yet included these versatile shoes in your collection, it’s time to get your act right and upgrade your collection. So, go ahead and flaunt your shoe-savvy fashion persona with these stylish shoes.

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