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Top Most 20 Beautiful Dubai Mehndi Designs In Gulf Style.

Dubai Mehndi Designs

Dubai mehndi designs are the ultimate designs. because they have their own signature style. Be it in the form of tattoo, khaleeji, arabic or the dubai style mehndi designs are just beautiful to look at. The middle east is replicated through these mehndi’s. It is in the religion itself, that wearing mehndi is a girl part and is believed to be good luck

1.Fingers Dubai Mehndi Designs :

The fingers are designed with whirls, curls and beads all over it. The lines are designed across the fingers from the curls. The fingers are designed just like creepers. just by finger designs is enough as it looks royal.

adm 1

2.Zig Zag Dubai Mehndi Designs :

The palm is designed in zig zag manner. this mehndi specially attracts kids. Above the zig zag lines are given the floral touch. The design looks kiddish, but beautiful and sober.



3.Sudani Mehndi Designs For Feet And Hand:

Sudani mehndi designs for feet and hands look exceptionally well. the design of the hands exactly matches to the legs. Inside the design is given the black mehndi touch with bold outline.


4.Eid-Ul Azha Dubai Mehndi Designs:

The Eid Mehndi designs specially attracts every one. Dubai is specially decorated on the eve of eid. The full hand mehndi designs front and back mehndi designs are fabulous to look at. The back hand mehndi designs are designed across with nets and beads


5.Patch Dubai Mehndi Designs :

The palms are deisgned with patch work. firstly the patches are designed separately and then these are inter connected. These also resembles just like the tattoos.


6.Dubai Eid Mehndi Designs :

Eid is the festive season and during this eid, right from the first day, mehndi has to be applied. At the right corner of the hand, the designs gets started in semi circle design. out side the circle, small beads are designed. even the fingers are given the creepy touch just matching the design.

amd 8

7.Khafif Dubai Mehndi Designs:

These designs replicate the artistic part of the designer. more of art and gardenery is seen in these type of designs. The whirls are designed boldly with small all over it. one inter connecting line for two designs just like wearing a bracelet. Only two fingers are designed so that it matches with design.

amd 10

8.Kalamkari Dubai Mehndi Designs:

East meets west. Dubai mehndi designs with a dash of indian art. across the palm is designed just as shocasing the art called kalamkari mehndi. From thumb to little finger it is designed beautifully


9.Finger Mehndi Special Dubai Designs:

Just wow. The back of the hands are designed in whirl styles. while the tips are heavily with small net beads. These designs specially suits college girls for their farewell or fresher parties.



10.Professional Dubal Mehndi Designs:

The two hands are designed with the same mehndi designs. A long semi circle is drawn from ring finger till the wrist. Around the semi circle comes small flowers and leaves between flowers.


11.Bridal Dubai Mehndi Design:

The Dubai Brides are known for royalty. Right from the chunari to the anklets, every thing must be matched. a brides makes complete with her mehndi design. check out the latest beautiful brides dubai mehndi design


Bridal Dubai Mehndi Design

12.Dubai Floral Mehndi Pattern:

The artistic mehndi designs are artistic and flowers. The flowers are designed artistically. The flower petals are designed in different shapes one connected to other.

Dubai Floral Mehndi Pattern

13.Glitters And Kundan Dubai Mehndi Style:

Along with other designs glitter and kundan are very famous. These are designed in arabic style at the back of the hands. With little flowers and leaves. The flowers are shaded with glitters. Outside the mangoes and flowers are the kundans, which gives a dazzling look.

Glitters And Stones Dubai Mehndi Style

14.Heart Shape Dubai Mehndi Motif:

When the two hands are joined comes the heart shape. Inside the heart lines are designed across, with dark beads, highlighting the heart. Outside the heart comes the circle beads exactly matching the design patterns.

Heart And Circle Shape Dubai Mehndi Motif

15.Peacock Dubai Mehndi Designs :

Peacock mehndi designs are designed exceptionally well, with its feather open. The feathers are exactly designed, matching to peacock feather with black motifs in it. Even the fingers are designed exactly matching to the peacock designs.

Peacock Dubai Mehndi Pattern

16.Dubai Mehndi Design For Any Occasion:

The fingers are designed with dark black motifs and net beads in it. The wrist is designed like thin bracelet with big flowers and whirls with it. The edges of the finger tips are designed with dark thick leaves.

Simple Dubai Mehndi Design For Occasion

17.Simple Dubai Mehndi Designs :

These designs are given the royal touch with arabic mehndi designs. Across the palm, the arabic mehndi design is designed with the same design to the fingers as well. The finger tips are designed with net beads design, which is a new pattern of mehndi design.

Simple Dubai Mehndi Design

18.Eid Ka Chand Dubai Mehndi Designs :

These designs are symbol of love, Allah, star and half moon. half moon and star is the symbol of god, if this is designed on palm then it is the best luck that every one carries.

Stars Shape Dubai Mehndi Design

19.Stylish Dubai Black Mehndi Designs :

These are the stylish black mehndi designs, which stylish looks. Firstly a curl is drawn across the hand with small leaves and hands. The leaves are highlighted with dark black mehndi, while small roses are drawn, within it. Even the finger tips are designed with rose and leaves.

Stylish Dubai Mehndi Design For Back Hand

20.Traditional Dubai Mehndi Designs :

The back hand mehndi designs in dubai traditional style stands out as one. One is designed in arabic style with flowers, mangoes, leaves. While the other hand is designed across the hand with small black motifs and flowers below it.


Traditional Dubai Mehndi Design


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