7 Evening Dress Trends That Will Make You the Belle of the Ball

7 Evening Dress Trends

Evening gowns come in such numerous designs, colors, and types that looking for the best one can pose a huge problem, particularly if you don’t have a lot of time to shop.

However, there is a way for you to find the perfect evening dress in Dubai without spending hours shopping online or at different brick-and-mortar stores.

You can do this by knowing the latest, most popular trends in evening gowns.

Going online to search for the current trends in evening dresses can help you narrow down your options to the items that can make you stand out and look great for the event.

With fewer pieces to choose from, you’ll skip hours of shopping and still get an evening gown that can make you the belle of the ball.

The Latest Evening Gown Trends to Take Note of This Year

If you’re wondering which evening gown trends you should look into to get the perfect formal dress, read below:

1. Pastel Colors

According to Pantone, very peri, a periwinkle shade, is the official color of the year. Because of this, evening gowns with pastel hues will definitely be popular.

Pastel shades are soothing to the eyes, feminine, and dreamy. Gowns with these hues look ethereal, particularly those made of light, sheer, and flowy fabrics.

If you’re aiming for a regal and chic look for an event, you won’t go wrong with choosing a gown in pink, baby blue, and, of course, periwinkle.

Certain pastel shades work best for particular occasions. Hues of pink, lavender, and cream work best for romantic events, such as weddings or engagement parties.

A soft gold or silver pastel gown will stand out at a fancy gala or black-tie wedding.

2. Cutouts on the Sides and Sleeves

Cutouts on dresses have been trending for years, and this 2022, they will continue to be staples in popular evening wear.

Dresses with cutouts, slits, or keyholes can make you look more alluring and intriguing without feeling immodest or overly exposed.

This fashion trend lets women expose small parts of their bodies modestly without going overboard. If you’re a bit shy but want to show some skin for the formal event, look for an evening gown with this style.

You’ll have plenty of options for this type of dress. You’ll find gowns with cutouts on the front, back, and sides.

The cutouts also come in different sizes and shapes, which means you won’t have a hard time choosing a dress you’ll be comfortable wearing, even if you’re showing some skin.

If you don’t want to bare parts of your midriff or back, you can opt for cutouts on the sleeves. You’ll feel elegant and regal while wearing an evening gown with this design.

3. Sequins

Although some people consider sequins tacky, they don’t have to be. When designed right, a sequined gown is the perfect ensemble for a special evening event.

A sparkly gown will never be out of place at a gala or any formal evening event. You’ll definitely be the belle of the ball with a sequined mermaid, A-line, sheath, or bias-cut gown.

If you want to stand out, go for a sequined-covered chiffon or satin dress. You won’t go wrong with a full-length maxi glittery gown if you’re aiming for a Hollywood-chic look.

Additionally, you’ll love the variety of colors you can choose from. Red, pink, blue, and silver are just some of the shades that will catch your eye.

4. Ruffles

Evening dresses with ruffles and frills are here to stay this year as well.

Ruffles add volume to the dress and parts of your body that you want to accentuate to look shapelier.

Moreover, if you’re in a celebrating mood and want to share this feeling during the event, a ruffled gown is your best option.

If you’re interested in this type of gown, you won’t have to confine your choices to ruffles on the hem. There are dresses with ruffles on the sleeves and shoulders too.

5. Feathers

If you want a more avant-garde look, you might like an evening dress with synthetic feathers.

Many designers use ostrich or peacock feathers, while others use synthetic varieties to accentuate evening gowns.

Well-known fashion designers, including Michael Kors, Alberta Ferretti, and Valentino, are leading the way to get this gown style trending this year.

The resulting outfit is eye-catching and elegant regardless of what material is used.

The most tasteful evening dresses are decorated with feathers on the hem or sleeves.

Most designs or styles have a smooth textile bodice and a ball gown or fluffy skirt made of large feathers.

6. Velvet

Velvet gowns are effortlessly classy and give out an air of luxury and prestige. As such, they are the perfect choices for an ultra-glamorous event.

Regardless of the style or design of the dress, the velvet fabric will make the outfit elegant and refined.

A long, wrap evening dress trimmed with buttons or accessorized with a belt will make you look like a star during the event.

If you want to show some skin, choose a velvet gown with dropped or off-shoulder necklines, one-shoulder, or a bustier.

A long dress with an asymmetric cut will look great for a formal event as well.

7. Loose and Fitting Mini Evening Dress

Formal or semi-formal evening wear doesn’t have to be long. You can still look your best for a special event in a mini dress.

Loose-fitting dresses do not emphasize a person’s figure or parts of it. Because of this, they are great choices for any woman regardless of their body size and shape.

They are also perfect for not-so-formal events, such as when dining out with your friends or family.

Like long evening dresses, you’ll have plenty of styles and designs to choose from. You’ll love the embellishments these outfits feature, too, which include sequins, embroidery, and belts.

However, to rock a formal mini evening dress, stay away from pieces with an abundance of sequins, frills, and ruffles, especially when they are made of dense fabrics. These pieces can make your shape and silhouette look heavier.

A formal mini evening dress made of a light, flowy fabric and that is not too short will look great on nearly everyone, so limit your options to these.

With these fashion trends, you’ll be a hit, regardless of the type of formal event you’ll attend.

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