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6 Most Powerful Tips for Laser Hair Removal at Home.

Laser Hair Removal

You may call us lazy, but after spending a lot of time in salons for waxing and experiencing nicks and cuts with shaving, we wish to contemplate other hair removal methods.  

So, what are we looking for? 

Hair removal methods that are less time-consuming, safe, and most importantly, painless! 

But we’d also like to add that having body hair is natural and a wonderful thing, but if you are compelled to remove it, it’s your choice.  

One such method of eliminating unwanted body hair is laser hair removal. And if you’re planning to do it at home, we’ve got you covered.  

Read on to clear your doubts about laser hair removal at home.  

 Laser hair removal: what is it? 

Laser hair removal is a skin procedure that uses highly concentrated light into the skin to destroy hair follicles.  

The procedure can be used on most body parts, including arms, legs, back and underarms.  

 Powerful tips for laser hair removal at home  

Be patient  

You aren’t an expert, and things can go south when you do laser hair removal at home for the first time.  

Patience is the key here, and rushing a session can result in the incorrect use of laser or missing patches. Also, you must get started with broader and more accessible areas like your legs before moving to delicate areas like your face.  

A few practice sessions will polish your skills for painless hair removal at home. When you become a pro, move ahead and eliminate unwanted hair from your entire body.  

 Don’t miss out on shaving  

When doing laser hair removal at home, it’s important to keep your body hair at an ideal length.  

And how will you get the ideal length?  

Shave your hair 12-24 hours before opting for laser hair treatment. This will ensure that the hair isn’t too long, which can cause high heat intensity. Plus, you must avoid methods that remove hair from the roots, such as waxing, as it would leave little to no hair to treat with the laser.  

 A patch test is a must  

If you’re trying laser hair removal at home, it’s best to start with a patch test and wait for a few days to see how your skin reacts to the treatment.  

What else? 

Patch test offers a dual benefit. It can help estimate the results you’ll get with laser hair removal.  

 Begin with a clean slate  

Yes, it’s such an obvious command, but it demands a repeat.  

Before getting started with laser hair removal, make sure your skin is absolutely clean. Remove any skincare products that can mess with the efficacy of the procedure.  

And if you love sunbathing, skip it, please!  

Increased pigment resulting from a tan can interfere with the process of hair removal.  

 Stick to your plan  

Whether you shave, wax, or take trips to your laser hair expert, you must be following a schedule that reflects the hair growth rate.  

Laser hair removal at home is no different. To see the best results, you need regular treatments. With laser procedure, you won’t see results in one session. You must go for multiple sessions to achieve your goals.  

 Let go of pigmented areas 

Laser hair works by targeting the pigment in your follicle and destroying the hair from its root.  

While laser hair removal is a safe method of eliminating unwanted hair, more pigmented areas of skin mean that they are more prone to absorbing laser, which could cause irritation. So, when getting laser hair removal, avoid areas like tattoos and moles.  

 So, is laser hair removal at home effective and safe? 

Laser Hair Removal1

Yes, laser hair removal at home is effective and can offer amazing results. But that’s only when you know how to use a laser device correctly and can carry out the process with patience.  

And if it sounds like a hassle, you can let the experts help. One such trusted expert providing laser services is skinnsi – a group of doctors committed to making skincare accessible to all. So, if you are planning to zap off your body hair without any burns but just lasting results, get in touch with skinnsi.  

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