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5 Daily Choices Men Make that Cause Erectile Dysfunction

5 Daily Choices Men Make that Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that prevents men from having successful sexual intercourse with their partner. When a man suffers from this condition, it makes them unable to have erections, or even if they have erections, they are not hard enough so that he cannot have a satisfactory lovemaking session with their partner.

Now erectile dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of, and neither is it inevitable, you can have a sexually fulfilling life in spite of having erectile dysfunction using treatments such as PDE5 inhibiting drug medications such as “Cenforce and penile pumps. If you want a more long-lasting treatment for your condition there are penile implants and surgeries which are available for you. If the cause of your condition is psychological, then there are various counseling sessions and even therapies that can help in improving the symptoms of “erectile dysfunction”.

But do you know that your personal habits may be pushing you closer to erectile dysfunction?

There are different things that we do day in day out which puts us at a risk, let’s check the top 5 things that you should rethink and replace so that your sexual life is satisfying, fun, and fulfilling.

  1. You get less than four hours of Sleep Every Night:

Sleep is important for your brain, your body as well as your sexual organs. If you are clocking in less and less sleep every night, the effects will first show up in your mood as well as your state of mind. People who sleep less are often groggy, easily irritated, and tartar, and it’s quite to feel aroused or have a desire to make love to your partner if your present state of mind is grumpy.

Having poor sleeping habits may be the reason behind your erectile dysfunction as it may you lose interest in making love to your partner and reduce your libido, making it much difficult for you to be aroused and as we know, there are no erections without arousal.

Many people believe that oral medications that are prescribed for “the treatment of erectile dysfunction” such as “Vidalista” will induce erections even if you are not aroused. They wrongly use the medications assuming that it will improve their sexual drive.

But “oral medications of erectile dysfunction” only work if you are adequately aroused so make sure that you pay off your sleep debt and improve your state of mind.

  1. You drink (alcoholic beverages) your heart out:

We admit that for many men, alcoholic beverages are part of their lifestyle and they cannot let go of it because almost all their social settings involve drinking. But we are not asking you to give up drinking, we just want you to watch your intake.

If you are someone who is drinking 7 days a week, try cutting it down to 4 days a week. Drink every alternate day and then try to increase the gap between your drinking days. Alcohol works as a sedative in large levels and is likely to induce temporary or long-term erectile dysfunction if you are not careful with the amount you drink.

  1. You insist on damaging your lung by smoking:

Smoking kills, the packets of the cigarettes say as much, but we are humans tend to be attracted to doing dangerous things, so we smoke till our lungs are damaged beyond repairs.

You might not care about your lungs, but what if it is damaging your sex life along with your heart’s health and lungs?

It is true, smoking is among the leading causes of erectile dysfunction in both young and old men across the whole world. Given the fact that a person can get addicted to smoking after their first smoke itself, it is very difficult to stop smoking. No judgment on your will power but it is best to seek professional help if you want to quit smoking, your doctor may prescribe various medications and treatment options which will help you in getting rid of your smoking habit without the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Also, you are less likely to get into a relapse if you have someone to help you accountable and hold you accountable.

  1. You Keep your Physical Activities to Bare Minimum:

We, humans, are creatures of habit, when we lived in caves or had fewer comforts in our life, such as cars and elevators, we were doing much better physically. Our habits such as walking for doing our errands, going for morning walks, having outdoor picnics, playing sports in free time, or doing most of our work with our own hand and putting in physical efforts in making things work kept us physically fit, and allowed us to maintain healthy body weight without doing anything out of ordinary.

When you move your body and do physical activities, you support your body’s blood circulatory system. A healthy blood circulatory system acts as an immunity booster, it enhances the health of your heart and also improves the condition of your cardiovascular system, and all these things keep “erectile dysfunction” away so keep it moving as much as you can.

  1. You overeat all kinds of healthy as well as unhealthy food:

The food we eat has a purpose, we eat because the food offers us various micro and macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals which are important for keeping our bodies up and running.

But to the easy access and constant availability of food in our life, we no longer eat to stay alive or to get the necessary energy for the proper functioning of the various parts of our body.

If you overeat all kinds of food items which include junk food as well as healthy food items such as fruits and vegetables then it may be contributing towards your way to erectile dysfunction. Overeating leads to fat accumulation in our bodies, which makes us gain excessive weight and leads to obesity. Every 3rd person we know today tends to overeat on a regular basis which results in obesity and thus creates various times of heart diseases as well as cardiovascular diseases which often lead to erectile dysfunction in men.

Watch your portion size when you eat, don’t eat if you are not hungry, and keep yourself physically active so that you can maintain a healthy body weight which is good for your overall health.

These are the five things that you may be doing daily or fairly regularly which may lead to “erectile dysfunction”, our habits make us, so take baby steps and replace these habits with healthy ones and invest in a sexually satisfying and fulfilling future.

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