25 Most Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Engagement in 2018

Engegement Mehandi DesignsEngegement Mehandi Designs

Mehndi designs are unique and look beautiful on every girl’s hand. Specially it looks awesome for yet to be bride, for the one who is getting engaged. Engagement is the first ceremony and first step towards a beautiful marriage life. here are the trending new mehndi designs for engagement ceremony trending in 2018.

1.Kundan Engagement Mehndi Designs:

the back hand mehndi designs embedded with kundans are really beautiful to look at. The mehndi designs are the one sided arabic designs with flowers, mangoes and net beads all over it. The kundans are given a dashing look (sone pe suhaga)


2.Leafy Backhand Engagement Mehndi Designs:

we just call it as the wow mehndi designs. the leafy mehndi are drawn all over the back hand. Inside the leafs are given the net bead designs, with shading all over it. Outside the leaves are given the floral touch starting from hand to finger tips.

3.Arabic Engagement Mehndi Designs:

Arabic engagement mehndi designs are beautiful to look at. The design was designed in a bangle design. These designs are designed with a full bunch of flowers, net beads. The edge of the school is given a thick black mehndi designs.

4.Leaves Engagement Mehndi Designs:

The entire mehndi designs are designed with leaves. Inside the leaves, the flowers are given a special touch. The leaves are designed with twists and curls. The edge of the fingertips are darkened with heavy mehndi.

5.Multi Color Engagement Mehndi Designs:

The hands are designed exceptionally well with colors of mehndi and kundans. back side of the hand is designed with heavy big flowers and leaves. At the center of the hands is embedded with kundans of different colors. Right from the hands to the finger tips, different colors of kundans are decorated. Added to it is the red colored mehndi designs.

6.One-Line Arabic Engagement Mehndi Designs:

One line arabic mehndi designs specially for engagement is designed in a beautiful way. The entire arabic mehndi designs are designed with flowers and leaves all over it. The flowers are shaded and the edges are quoted with black mehndi designs.

7.Bracelet Engagement Mehndi Designs :

The engagement mehndi designs with bracelet design is designed beautifully and exceptionally well. The back and front hands are designed with same design. The fingers are designed with net beads design.

8.Peacock Style Engagement Mehndi Designs:

It looks awesome either in the form of tattoos, full hands or one line mehndi designs. The palm of the bride looks glittery with peacock mehndi designs. If the full hand is designed with peacock,that’s just added attraction.

9.Full Hand Engagement Mehndi Designs :

The bridal has to get ready in a beautiful starting from head jewellery to anklets. So is her mehndi design which should complete her to the fullest.

10.Floral Engagement Mehndi Designs :

The floral designs are the awesome one which looks extra ordinary at back hand. The flowers are designed with leaves and mangoes in arabic style.

11.Circular Engagement Mehndi Designs:

The circular mehndi designs right now are trending, be it a party or engagement. Inside the circular are shaded beautifully and given the kundan touch. The edges are outlined with black mehndi

12.Flowers Engagement Mehndi Designs:

Flowers are used for every festive and occasion. what if these flowers come to us in the form of mehndi designs. At the centre of the palms are designed with huge flowers and edges with small flowers around it.

13. Dulhan Engagement Mehndi Designs:

The dulhan engagement mehndi designs are simply nice to look at. These are the two side two line mehndi designs with flowers and curls all over it.

14.Black And Red Engagement Mehndi’s :

simple and sober, the designs with black and red mehndi combination. these are given a glittery touch, matching to the nail colour.

15.Black Mehndi Engagement Mehndi Designs:

Black mehndi designs witharabic touch is perfect for any bridal. all over the hand is designed with small flowers, mangoes and net beads within it.

16.Mughlai Engagement Mehndi Designs :

The royal touch to thr bride’s hand with these type of mehndi designs is perfect to watch out. Firstly these designs are designed in arabic style, while the outline is designed with small net beads all over it.

17.Back and Front Engagement Mehndi Design:

The front of the hand is designes all over the hand in the marawari mehndi design style. At the back is given a royal and classic touch with patch mehndi matching to the hand accessories.

18.Rajasthani Engagement Mehndi Designs:

The full hand long leaf mehndi designs is exceptional to look at. Mehndi is given the leafy touch with the beads all over the design.


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