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Girls are fond of bracelets. Fortunately, there are a lot of bracelets out there like, like that of Blue Nile, but there are also  mehndi designs are of different patterns and styles. Likewise the one which is trending is bracelet mehndi designs. Bracelet designs are designed from wrist to finger tips. These resemble as if we are wearing a hand harness jewellery. these designs are done at the back of the hand.

1.Bangle Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

The first and the most famous designs are bangle bracelet designs. these are simple and unique suitable to the young girls who just prefer modern attires. The designs are in bangle design on the palms and wrist is totally covered with net beads and flowers in it

2.Beautiful Bracelet Mehndi  Designs:

This designs are unique as it covers the fingers and the wrist as if wearing a heavy hand harness.   Added to it is the bright colored nail polish which suits our hand and mehndi designs

3.Stylish One-Line Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

These type of mehndi designs include arabic, bracelet mehndi designs, which covers your wrist to the finger nail. absolutely suitable to girls going to college, wearing modern dresses. These designs contains small flowers with small net bead designs

4.Badshah Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

The unique type designs is mix of contemporary with tradition. the design covers mangoes, flowers with small dark beads all over the mangoes. the design is designed across the hands with beautiful pink nail polish.

5.Bracelet Mehndi Design For Weddings:

Not only the bride, but bride’s friend also has to look beautiful. these are the indo-western mehndi designs apt for everyone. heavy net beads and dot designs are done all over the hands.

6.Bracelet Mehndi For Beginners:

Simple and unique mehndi designs for beginners, who are about to make their mark in the mehndi designing world. the design is simple with small leaves, beads.

7.Butterfly Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

Just wow to look at. the butterfly mehndi designs is just apt for the beautiful hands. the butterfly is drawn at the back of the hand, with small beads embedded within it.

8.Finger Tip Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

the mehndi designs are exactly matching the wrist and fingers. the design is simply beautiful with curve design. the finger tips are covered fully with leaves beneath it.

9.Floral Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

These type of designs are just matching to the hand harness. At the back of the hand is designed with bangle design, and it is connected to wrist and fingers.

10.Flower Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

Flower bracelets designs consists of flowers all over the hand. small flowers with leaves and beads from wrist to finger tips are nice to look at


11.Gorgeous bracelet Mehndi design with Rose Ring:

The bracelet mehndi designs are just matching to the rose ring. rose ring is added attraction to the mehndi and hand too.

12.Heart Shaped Bracelet Mehndi Design:

This looks royal as if a queen is wearing a harness. At the back of the hand is the one the big heart surrounded with series of roses and flowers all over it.

13.Heart Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

At the back of the hand is the heart filled with flowers and beads. these represent the royalty and class. Heart symbolises the feeling of love, which can be expressed through these designs


14.Latest Anklet Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

The foot anklet mehndi designs are just wow to look at. theses designs are sober to look at and reveal the classic look. The whole mehndi design is in chain design.

15.Latest Bracelet Mehndi Designs For Brides:

The whole hand mehndi designs are designed in chain and bracelet model. These are the net beads which covered all over the hand.

16.Latest Bracelet Mehndi Design:

The extravagant super bracelet mehndi designs are unique and stylish to look at. the added attraction are the nail polish which best suits the mehndi

17.Moghal Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

The rich and royal look ensemble the moghal mehndi designs. these designs contains flowers with leaves and small beads all over it. It just reflect the hand harness.

18.Unique Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

Step by Step bracelet mehndi designs are unique with mangoes and small net beads all over it. these look beautiful specially on the fair skin tone.

19.Trendy Bracelet Mehndi Designs :

The mehndi designs are unique with U shape designs across the hand. these curves are embedded with pearls and net bead designs.

20.Thaali Bracelet mehndi Designs:

Thaali bracelet mehndi designs are preferred by rajasthani and pakistani bridals. half of the hand with wrist and fingers are designed beautifully

21.Rose Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

The roses are designed in a classy way depicting the beauty of the hands.  It is designed just like a rose boque or small plant, in an exquisite way


22.Unique Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

Unique mehndi designs are awesome to see. these include leaves, small bead leaves and flowers. The small plants and leaves are just enchanting to see

23.Wrist Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

The bracelet mehndi designs are absolutely stunning. These designs suits the long frocks and lehengas which are very much in trend now.


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